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Community Patronage of Yog-Sothoth.com is a way of supporting the site. Helping to keep olde Yoggie going from month to month. For $15 quarterly your patronage helps YSDC in a number of ways. Primarily:

1) Site costs (which are both ranging and regular).

2) New equipment, software & maintenance.

3) Support materials & costs for players & producers.

As a form of thank you for helping to support the site in this way Community Patrons have access to higher quality and advance media files produced by YSDC as well as access to a special Community Patrons Forum. Also as a Patron you can have your forum rank changed to: Community Patron (should you wish).

Just some of the content available includes:

- All early Yog Radios in high quality 64KBPS format.

- Full recording session of our "In Binaural Surround Sound" audio, or, how it takes 8 minutes to record four words.

- The original & genre-making game audio recording: Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil uncut and at 64KBPS.

- First binaural RPG recording, the WWII Call of Cthulhu adventure, "Goodnight Vienna".

- The Trumpton Riots - an acclaimed audio game of what happens when a British children's 1960s TV show meets the Mythos...

- Shadows of Yog-Sothoth audio game (BURPS field recording in Binaural 3D Surround Sound).

- Mike ("The Whisperer") Mason's CoC audio game from Continuum 2006.

- Cthulhu Adventus and Coulrophobia audio games from Furnace 2007.

- Dark Continent audio game (BURPS field recording).

- YSDC 'The Haunting' Live Webcast video archive.

- MP3 'Hastur' ringtone files.

- David Conyer's The Return of Dr. Moreau classic-era Call of Cthulhu adventure.

- PoC's Masks of Nyarlathotep Audio Game Journal.

- Horror on the Orient Express Audio Game outtakes.

- Unreleased follow-on chats with interviewees.

- Media Diary - what goes on behind the scenes.

- Exclusive Sound Tours in Binaural 3D Surround Sound.

- Yog Meet at Dragonmeet 2006, binaural recording (unexpurgated edition).

- Yog Meet at Dragonmeet 2007 video.

- Yog RadioVision - a series of behind the scenes (16:9 widescreen) videos, including The Hamper House of Horror video from Horror on the Orient Express Audio Game.

- Hamper House of Horror audio. Over seventy five minutes of gastronomic gaming delights!

- Unreleased High Definition video.

- Patron-only RSS Feeds.

- 360 degree panoramas.

- Video-based reviews.

- Lovecraft audio books.

... and more.

You can join the Community Patron scheme via the following link: http://www.yog-sothoth.com/patron.