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Front Cover

Pages: 13

Author(s): Michael Szymanski

Artist(s): Rodell D. Sanford Jr.

Setting: Modern

Appears in: Whispers in the Dark


An Investigator visiting San Francisco stumbled into the San Francisco Memorial Hospital lacking part of their memory...


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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
While visiting San Francisco along one of the Investigators has stumbled across a Atlach-Nacha cultist trying to establish a network across the United States. A horrific encounter with the cult has resulted in the Investigator developing partial amnesia covering the entire time they have been in San Francisco. Retracing the Investigators steps using the clues gathered will lead the Investigators to the lair of the Cultists leader, the Gate to the Dreamlands he has opened and what he has bought through it...


Player Handouts: Matchbook from The Grog Shop, Map of San Franscisco, Letter from the President of the Twin Peaks Historical and Preservation Society, Letter from a Professor of Entomology at the University of Southern California (San Bernadino), News Articles concerning disappearances and murders in Golden Gate Park and the deaths of employees at Imberson's Warehouse.

Locations: San Francisco, The Grog Shop, Imberson's Warehouse, Offices of: International Importers Inc. & Gresham Realty, University of California (Berkeley), Golden Gate Park, Tollotson Estate

Creatures: Cultists, Leng Spider

Tomes and Artifacts: Gate to Dreamlands


While apparently a modern day scenario (There is a possible visit to San Francisco International Airport mentioned.), there is nothing stopping a keeper from running it in the Classic Era if need be, though some locations will need to be altered.

The scenario consistently misspells Buddha as Budha.

Keeper Comments

  • It would be best to build the hook for this scenario into the characters background at character generation.
  • The details of the Cultists plans are only vaguely described in the scenario, so the Keeper will have to develop this information further if they want to make it the basis of a future campaign.
  • The author makes some assumptions about just what Mythos knowledge the Investigators possess without providing them the means to obtain certain Mythos information within the scenario, if the Keeper feels it necessary they may wish to introduce the information needed in a scenario prior to running this scenario.

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