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Front Cover

Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs

Product Code: 23001

Publishing Year: 2008

Pages: 160

Cover Price: $39.99

Author(s): Matthew Grau, Fraser McKay

Artist(s): Gabriel Garza (cover & interior), Justin Albers, Tyshan Carey, Trevor Claxton, Alex Figini, Tom Garden, Alex Iglesias, Imaginary Friends Studio, Tobias Kwan, Jeongsil Lee, Yun Lin, Marco Mazzoni,Mats Minnhagen, Marco Nelor, Ben Newman, Yap kun rong, Ray Torei, Mike Vaillancourt

Book Type: Sourcebook

Format(s): Softcover and PDF

ISBN: 1-93485-720-3


  • Fiction: Another Day at the Office
  • Chapter One: Welcome
  • Chapter Two: Less Then, More Now (Setting)
  • Fiction: Combatives
  • Chapter Three: Alternative Egos (Characters)
  • Chapter Four: Further Framewerk (Game Rules)
  • Fiction: Once in a Lifetime
  • Chapter Five: Explorers of the Mind (Para-Psychics)
  • Fiction: Sweet Dreams
  • Chapter Six: Arcane Expanded (Magic)
  • Fiction: Deep Ocean, Black Sea
  • Chapter Seven: More Machineries of War (Mecha)
  • Fiction: Friends Like Steve
  • Chapter Eight: Further Unspeakableness (Monsters)
  • Fiction: Shades of Gray
  • Chapter Nine: New Paths (Storyguide)
  • Fiction: Remember the Arizona
  • Chapter Ten: Slaves and the Lost (Stories)
  • Chapter Eleven: Appendices

Front Cover Text

No Additional Text.

Back Cover Text

The Last War Continues

Foes without. Foes within. It seems that safety is just an illusion in 2085. Congregations of dead religions work their evil on the world. Armies of monsters and alien creatures bring death and horror. Hidden cults chew away at the innards of the New Earth Government, secretly destroying us from within.

This is the Aeon War. And it's bigger than just one book.

Explore society as one of the forbidden Human-Nazzadi xenomixed lovechildren. Be a stranger in your own land as an otherworldly White. Fight the hidden enemies within society as an agent of the Federal Security Bureau. Abuse shocking power policing arcane crimes as an agent of the Office of Internal Security. Bring the power of the cosmos to bear with just the power of your own mind – or lose yourself to it.

Nowhere else will you find a setting like this.

Inside this book you will find:

  • a continuing detailed exploration of the Aeon War, including the xenomixed offspring of Human-Nazzadi unions, the cult-hunting Federal Security Bureau, the questionably heroic Global Intelligence Agency, and the police of the arcane underground – the dreaded Office of Internal Security.
  • seven pieces of provocative short fiction to help portray the feel of the setting.
  • optional rules for the innovative Framewerk system, including hit locations, permanent injuries, fighting styles, and playing card-based test resolution.
  • new options to play a xenomixed Human-Nazzadi lovechild or one of the Whites – rare and unusual otherworldly Human-Nazzadi offspring.
  • the option to play as one of five new professions, including Ashcroft Foundation Advisors, who advise nearly every level of government as the power behind the throne, Para-Psychics, who intuitively command the might of the universe, and Zoners, who have unwillingly sacrificed their sanity for incredible access to power.
  • a unique psychic ability system, simulating the awesome and sometimes uncontrollable power of intuitive cosmic channeling, including two dozen para-psychic powers.
  • two dozen new magical rituals, including a new system for dreams and dreaming magic.
  • more than 20 new machines of death, including aquatic mecha for underseas battles.
  • four new Tagers, including the aquatic Echo and the deadly Vampire.
  • more than a dozen new unspeakable horrors, including the option to portray corpse-eating ghouls as Characters.
  • story starters, to start off federal agent stories right away, as well as hooks for any game.

This book is meant to be used with the CthulhuTech storytelling game and requires the Core Book.

For Mature Audiences Only

This book is intended for mature readers. It contains dark and disturbing content and images. Reader discretion is advised.

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