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The intent of this tutorial is to teach you some editing basics for working on a wiki.

What IS a wiki?

A wiki is a collaborative, online encyclopedia. A wiki is a collection of pages, called articles, each of which defines a different topic. Each article has its own forum, called the discussion page, and each article maintains a versioned history of changes. Anyone can view any article in a wiki.

Community Collaboration

A wiki can have a number of users. Guests simply view the articles, but anyone who logs in can generally edit and alter the information on any page. If you see a way to enhance an article, whether a basic grammatical spellcheck, or to add factual information, you need to log in to the wiki and edit the article.

Anyone can edit an article. This means that the information in a wiki is fluid. This can lead to problems, but generally does not. Anyone can edit information in any article and anyone can add new articles.

A list of changes can be viewed in the history of the article; in that way an bad changes can be reverted. Eventually, with enough people reading and editing the same wiki, a fully-defined article will emerge.

By the way, THAT INCLUDES THIS TUTORIAL. If you have a question about something, ask it in discussion (read on for how to use it). If you want to add some tutorial tips here, do so! No Wiki Editor is an island.

Getting Started

One of the following links should get you started on your path to learning how to use a Wiki, and in particular, the CthulhuWiki, aka Wikithulhu.

(1) Tutorial Home (2) Navigation
(3) Basic Editing (4) Advanced Editing (5) Cthulhuwiki Rules
(X) Wikipedia´s Editing Tutorial (Outside Link)