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This page discusses rules specific for the CthulhuWiki.

Use the Style Guides

Posting Fan Fiction

  • If you choose to post your own Characters or ideas to the wiki that are new ideas or are not generally recognized Cthulhu Mythos concepts, then we ask that you add it to both the appropriate category that it belongs to and to the Fanfic category. See Fanfic for more details on what constitutes fan fiction.

Additional Suggested Rules

  • This includes such items as using a particular template to create a new entry for an author, book, or game.
  • This page should also list such templates.
  • and using "this is a minor edit" vs the edit summary box for creating a vocal history and change rationale.
  • and recommending that all users edit their own detail page before they add or edit any articles on the wiki.
  • Should also establish rules for categorizing sections. Preface your links and created pages with the proper group (like this Tutorial)


Discussions should be delegated to the appropriate talk/discussion page. Leave a note on the appropriate discussion page as follows:

  1. Create a ==New Section== as necessary for each unique discussion.
  2. Initialize your first comment as *an unordered list.
  3. Sign and date your comment and any followup comments by ending them with the following character sequence: --~~~~ to produce a signature like this: --Squashua 15:53, 30 January 2006 (EST)
  4. Make sure to click watch at the top of the page; better yet, edit your preferences to that you automatically watch any page that you edit, then you can click my watchlist any time you visit the wiki to see if you have a response.

Suggested Groups

Add more groups, or re-group if you think something should be different. The items below are not necessarily implemented in this fashion.

In-game pages, writing from a point of view from within the Mythos
Help Section
Tutorial pages
An non-fictional author of any mythos book or article.
Any sort of game book or video game.
Any book, whether it be a game book or book of fiction. Will list a collection of links to stories or adventures or both.
A mythos-related magazine. Similar to Book.
A published tale of the mythos. Will link to all Books/Magazines/Writers related. Has a summary and relevant information.
A published adventure for the mythos. Will link to all Games/Books/Magazines/Writers related. Has a summary and tips for how to run.
Basic information on the mythos not sub-categorized below.
Information regarding a location (Innsmouth, R'lyeh) found in the mythos.
Information regarding a being of the mythos (Nyarlothotep, Cthulhu). Could sub-categorize this to Servitor, Outer God, Elder God, Great Old Ones. List where referenced.
Info. re. a notable character from the mythos (Dr. Armitage, Mr. Shiny). List where referenced.
Info. re. notable documents (Necronomicon) and where they are referenced.

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