True Magick

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English, c. 17th Century. Written by Theophilus Wenn. A bound handwritten manuscript.

In his story, "The Seventh Incantation", Joseph Payne Brennan quotes this passage from `True Magick`:

"Of these black prayers and incantations there be seven, three for ordinarie charmes and aides, and the like number for the unholie and compleat destruction of alle enemies. But of the seventh the curious in alle these partes are warned. Let not the last incantation be recited, unlesse ye desire the sight of moste aweful deamon. Although it be said the deamon shews not unlesse the wordes be spake by the bloodie altar of the Olde Ones, yet it were well to beware. For it be knowne that the Saracene sorcerer, Mal Lazal, dide wantonlie chant the dire wordes and the deamon dide come- and not finding a bloodie offering did rage at the wizard and rende him exceedinglie."


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