Trail of the Golden Spike (Scenario)

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Front Cover

Pages: ###

Author(s): Aaron Allston

Artist(s): Stephan Peregrine, Elena Schott, Carolyn Schultz

Setting(s): 1920s

Appears in: Trail of the Golden Spike (Supplement).


A pulp adventure for the Hero system, with supplementary information for running the adventure in the Call of Cthulhu ruleset.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


From RPGNet:

  • "Spike was a multi-part adventure with a definite end. "
  • "It involved the search for a lost gold mine out West, a mysterious aerial villain calling himself The Condor, attacks on the PCs by pale assailants who may or may not be dead. Aviator adventure plus Western plus weird mystery."


Player Handouts: List the player handouts here.

Locations: Location 1, Location 2, etc.

Creatures: Beast 1, Beast 2, etc.

Tomes and Artifacts: Item 1, Item 2, etc.


List dedication, trivia, images, anything else of note.

Keeper Comments

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