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(This list is of professional produced and publicly sold material.)

The following links below lead to individual Wiki entries for each supplement. (to be filled and updated, obviously!)

The Trail of Cthulhu (RPG) has over a dozen supplements, all published by Pelgrane Press.

Released Title Publisher Code Style PDF?
2008 Trail of Cthulhu Core Rules Pelgrane Press PELGT01 R yes
2009 Stunning Eldritch Tales Pelgrane Press PELGT02 Ap yes
2009 Trail of Cthulhu Player’s Guide Pelgrane Press PELGT03 R yes
2009 Trail of Cthulhu Keeper's Screen & Resource Book Pelgrane Press PELGT04 R yes
2009 Four Shadows - Music for Trail of Cthulhu Pelgrane Press PELGT05D O {Music} N/A
2009 The Dying of St Margaret's Pelgrane Press PELGT05D(?) Al PDF Only
2009 Shadows Over Filmland Pelgrane Press PELGT06 SAp yes
2009 Arkham Detective Tales Pelgrane Press PELGT08 SAp,Al yes
2009 Rough Magicks Pelgrane Press PELGT09 S yes
2010 The Armitage Files Pelgrane Press PELGT10 Meta yes
2010 The Watchers In The Sky Pelgrane Press PELGT11 Al PDF Only
2010 Castle Bravo Pelgrane Press PELGT12 Al PDF Only
2010 The Black Drop Pelgrane Press PELGT13 Ap or Al PDF Only
2010 The Dance in the Blood Pelgrane Press PELGT14 Al PDF Only
2010 Not So Quiet Pelgrane Press PELGT15 Al PDF Only
2010 Eternal Lies Suite Pelgrane Press PELGT17 O {Music} N/A
2011 The Big Hoodoo Pelgrane Press PELGT18 Ap PDF Only
2011 Cthulhu Apocalypse, Part 1: The Dead White World Pelgrane Press PELGT19 Al PDF Only
2011? The Book of Smoke: The Investigator's Guide to Occult London Pelgrane Press PELGT20 ? yes
2011 Bookhounds of London Pelgrane Press PELGT16 SAp,Al yes
2011 The Rending Box Pelgrane Press PELGT21 Al PDF Only
2011 Invasive Procedures (ToC edition) Pelgrane Press PELG09 Ap? PDF Only
2011 The Repairer of Reputations Pelgrane Press PELGT23 Al? PDF Only
2011 Out of Time (Anthology)
(= The Black Drop + Not So Quiet +
Castle Bravo + The Big Hoodoo, in print)
Pelgrane Press PELGT22 Ap, Al yes
2011 Many Fires Pelgrane Press PELGT25 Ap PDF Only
2011 Cthulhu Apocalypse, Part 2: The Apocalypse Machine Pelgrane Press PELGT24 Al PDF Only
2011 Hell Fire Pelgrane Press PELGT26 Ap? Al? PDF Only
2012 Flying Coffins Pelgrane Press PELGT27 Ap? Al? PDF Only
2012 RMS Titanic: The Millionaire's Special Pelgrane Press PELGT28 Ap? Al? PDF Only
2012 Sisters of Sorrow Pelgrane Press PELGT29 Ap? Al? PDF Only
2012 Out of Space (Anthology)
(= Repairer of Reputations + Flying Coffins +
Many Fires + Hellfire + Millionaire's Special,
in print)
Pelgrane Press PELGT30 Ap? Al? yes
2013 The Final Revelation (Anthology)
(= Dying of St Margarets + The Watchers in the Sky +
The Dance in the Blood + The Rending Box,
in print)
Pelgrane Press PELGT33 Ap yes
2013 Eternal Lies Pelgrane Press PELGT34 Ap yes
2014 The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby Innsmouth House Press PELGT42D Al? yes
2014 Cthulhu Apocalypse, Part 3: Slaves of the Mother Pelgrane Press PELGT31D Al PDF Only
2014 Mythos Expeditions Pelgrane Press PELGT37 Ap? yes
2014 Dreamhounds of Paris Pelgrane Press PELGT38 O (1920s
2014 Dulce et Decorum Est Pelgrane Press PELGT32 Ap? yes
2014 Soldiers of Pen and Ink Pelgrane Press PELGT36 Ap? yes
2014 The Seventh Circle
(crossover scenario for ToC and Fear Itself)
Pelgrane Press PELG014 O yes
2014 The Book of Ants Pelgrane Press PELGT39 O yes
2015 The Long Con Innsmouth House Press PELGT41D Al? yes
2016 Cthulhu Confidental Core Book Pelgrane Press PELGOC01 S Ao yes
2017 Out of the Woods Pelgrane Press PELGT43 ? yes
2017 Cthulhu City Pelgrane Press PELGT44 S yes
2017? Cthulhu Apocalypse Pelgrane Press PELGT40 ? yes
2018? Hideous Creatures Pelgrane Press PELGT47 S yes
2021 Looking Glass: Saigon 1968 Pelgrane Press PELGDG03 S PDF Only

Codes used: R = Rulebook, S = Sourcebook, Ap = Pulp Adventures, Al = Purist (Lovecraftian) Adventures, Ao = One Player Adventures, O = Other


Released Title Publisher Type Translation / Creation Original title
2020 暗黒神話TRPGトレイル・オブ・クトゥルークイックスタート・ルール(GMマガジンvol.12) グループSNE Rule Translation Trail of Cthulhu Condensed Rules
2020 暗黒神話TRPGトレイル・オブ・クトゥルー グループSNE Rule Translation Trail of Cthulhu Core Rules
2021 GMウォーロック vol.1 グループSNE Rule Creation n/a
2020 アーカム探偵奇譚 グループSNE scenario Translation Arkham Detective Tales


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