Thrice Damned Dunbriar

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Publisher: Miskatonic River Press

Product Code: TBA

Announce Date: September, 2008

Expected Publication Date: Originally slated for a 2009 publication, currently unknown

Project Status: Delayed

Expected Page Count: TBA

Author(s): Oscar Rios, Ryan Roth

Artist(s): TBA

Setting(s): Dark Ages

Format(s): TBA

ISBN: #########-#


Across foggy hills, surrounded by thick forests, lies a village called Dunbriar. Nestled on the northern shores of Lake Winandermere (nowadays known as Lake Windermere), it’s a place where everyone knows their neighbors, works hard from dawn until dusk and attends mass every Sunday. They bring in their crops, haul in their fishing nets and work in their shops.

However Dunbriar is a place with a sinister past. Not long ago the village suffered a drought, a Viking raid and a plague all in the same year. After so much tragedy the people of Old Dunbriar, those who were left, fled. For three years the village lie abandoned. There were tales of witchcraft, strange creatures stalking the forests around the village and satanic influence over the village, which people took to calling "Thrice Damned Dunbriar."

Things are different now, people have returned, building new lives for themselves. The people of the Dunbriar colony are looking forward, to the future. However the past is not dead, but lurking all about the peaceful seeming community. Secrets are waiting to be discovered, old threats are returning and dangers lurk around every hillside, behind ever tree, beneath the still waters of Lake Winandermere and even under the very feet of those living there. No one knows the truth of Dunbriar’s past, and those ignorant of the past may be doomed to repeat it.

Thrice Damned Dunbriar is a fully detailed setting for Cthulhu Dark Ages, in the style of the classic "Lovecraft County Series." It contains four scenarios, allowing players to take on the role of new colonists of the Dunbriar Colony, although the setting is perfect for use as a pre-established setting.

Scenarios: Scenario 1, Scenario 2, Scenario 3, Scenario 4

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Comments / Trivia

One of the scenarios set in Dunbriar was run at the Dexcon 12 convention in New Jersey in 2009.


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