The Vanishing Conjurer & the Statue of the Sorcerer

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The Vanishing Conjurer
The Statue of the Sorcerer


Publisher: Chaosium and Games Workshop

Product Code: 2318 (Chaosium); 010176 (Games Workshop)

Publishing Year: 1986

Pages: 76

Cover Price: $10.95

Author(s): Mike Lewis, Simon Price, Chris Elliot, Richard Edwards

Artist(s): Lee Gibbons, Tony Ackland, Ian Cooke

Setting(s): 1920s

Format(s): Softcover


Scenarios: The Vanishing Conjurer and The Statue of the Sorcerer

Additional: Introduction, Player Handouts

Front Cover Text

Call of Cthulhu Double Adventure

Back Cover Text

The Statue of the Sorcerer An exciting investigative adventure set in San Francisco during 1925. A seemingly innocuous death in the seedier side of town draws the investigators into a complex web of intrigue and presents them with a series of enigmatic puzzles. Is San Francisco threatened by the Elder Gods?

The Vanshing Conjurer London in the '20s and scandal is threatening to rock the entertainment world. Something is lurking at the heart of the Inner Brotherhood of Magic, the select club for stage magicians. Can the investigators impress the examiners with their tricks to infiltrate the Brotherhood, and finally discover what really happened when the conjurer vanished?

Comments / Trivia

The two scenarios are presented in a back-to-back format, with two covers.


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