The Thing at the Threshold, Part 1: The Inheritor

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Included in "The Thing at the Threshold"

Pages: 24

Author(s): Paul McConnell

Artist(s): Neal Sutton

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: The Thing at the Threshold (Supplement).


The Investigators are hired to debunk claims of supernatural events at a "haunted house" in Davenham, Massachusetts.


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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


Investigators soon learn that neither the young man who owns the Davenham property nor the man who hired them are what they seem to be. A decade ago a horrible "accident" in the house led ultimately to the young man becoming an orphan relegated to Arkham Sanitorium. But now that the young man has been discharged and seeks to return to the place of his birth, certain uncomfortable truths threaten to come to light: the true circumstances of his mother's death, the fact that his explorer father's meddling with Mythos forces was to blame, and the reason that the sounds "Tekeli li!" haunted his young subconscious mind.


Player Handouts: List the player handouts here.

Locations: Davenham, Arkham

Creatures: Shoggoth

Tomes and Artifacts: Investigators have the (rare) opportunity to consult the famed copy of the Necronomicon housed in the MU Library.

Campaigns / Scenarios: This scenario forms the first chapter in The Thing at the Threshold (campaign), which consists of three scenarios.


Davenham, the main setting of this scenario, is a fictional Massachusetts town described as "moderate sized" and "middle-class". It is located "central to several local villages along the coastline between Arkham and the city of Boston." Its history stretches back to the 17th century and associates Davenham with "witchcraft, deviltry and disrepute".

Keeper Comments