The Sanatorium

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Pages: 18

Author(s): Keith Herber

Artist(s): Janet Aulisio, Sam Inabinet

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: Mansions of Madness (Supplement)


A few days visit with an old friend on an offshore island seems like the ideal way to relax, but not all vacations turn out as one would wish.


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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


The investigators have been invited by an old friend, Dr. Aldous Brewer, to visit North Island to enjoy the scenery and discuss the doctor's latest research. The small island is located just off the New England coast and is the site of Dr. Brewer's North Island Sanatorium, a respected asylum for patients from wealthy families.

Brewer has recently been criticized by some of his peers for his claims to have found evidence of the "Collective Unconscious" through his work with a few special patients brought to the sanatorium for this purpose. One patient has exhibited many different personalities from the past, including the ancient Egyptian Princess (and Priestess of Bast) Annephis. Another patient seems to channel a mysterious and threatening alien being.

Unknown to the arriving investigators, one patient has created a gate allowing a powerful alien Mythos creature to enter our world. This Creature from Another World is in an embryonic, transitional state that requires feeding on humans before it can grow to the point at which it can leave our planet. One of the asylum staff members encountered the Creature, went insane, and has murdered Dr. Brewer and the rest of the sanatorium staff as sacrifices to his new god. The inmates have been freed in the process and are in varying states of trauma and denial.

The Creature has hidden itself in an abandoned lighthouse on the island awaiting more sacrifices. If the insane staff member is prevented from supplying them, the Creature will have no choice but to return to the sanatorium for more food.

The investigators arrive the night after these events and soon find themselves isolated with no means of escape or contacting the mainland.


Player Handouts: The Sanatorium Papers #1-9

Locations: North Island (off the coast of New England)

Creatures: The Creature from Another World

Tomes and Artifacts: The Castro Manuscripts, Poems by Allen Harding


The contents of this article are taken from the 2nd Edition of the Mansions of Madness supplement.

The scenario includes a map of North Island, the Sanatorium Grounds, and floor plans for North Island Sanatorium.

The scenario provides very short side-bar articles on therapy, hypnosis, and the spell Blessing of Bast.

Keeper Comments

The scenario states that, although not essential, the skills of Hypnotism, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Psychology can be of great value. An NPC with these skills has been included in case the Keeper wishes to add him to the investigators' group.

The location of the island is officially close to the New England Coast, but it could be easily set anywhere.

The year of the scenario is not stated, although references in a few of the handouts would put it around 1924. There is a reference to the discovery of King Tutankhamun's Tomb (1924) but it is not essential and could be excluded. A Keeper would have little difficulty moving it to the Gaslight or a later era.

The writer notes that the pace of the scenario can be adjusted by requiring more or fewer sacrifices each night, but that the intention is to give the investigators at least three or four days on the island wresting with their situation before the final climax. The Creature needs between 9 and 12 victims (Keeper's choice) before it can dramatically (and destructively) transform and escape the island.