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Keep general DISCUSSION on the talk page.
Keep general DISCUSSION on the talk page.
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Included in "Great Old Ones"

Pages: 13

Author(s): Kevin Ross

Artist(s): Tom Sullivan

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: The Great Old Ones (Supplement).

Campaign: Some of the different scenarios in this book are very loosely connected and could conceivably be run as a campaign of sorts.


The Investigators are contacted by telephone and asked by a frantic voice to meet immediately at the bandstand in the town square. When they arrive they meet the owner of the fearful voice, a respected young author and parapsychologist. But no sooner does he begin to unburden himself of his secret than he dies in a gruesome and spectacular fashion.


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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The death of the occultist author is but the latest gruesome death related to the Martensen House near Arkham. The unfortunate scene witnessed by the Investigators, in which the man was literally eaten from within by a horde of white spider-like things, was the final consequence of his having accepting the Bargain of Eihort (a lesser Great Old One). The builder of the Martensen house was a Mythos sorcerer who moved to New England from the Severn Valley area of Britain, bringing with him his worship of Eihort. Eventually he was hanged for his depredations on the local populace, ending the series of sacrifices that had kept the Great Old One quiescent. In the decades since then the house took on the reputation of being haunted, as those who lived there having met inexplicable deaths. This reputation led to at least two occultists becoming attracted to the now-empty house, seeking to make a name for themselves by uncovering its mystery ... the victim encountered by the Investigators was the latest of these.

Solving the mystery involves trekking to the "haunted" Martensen house, and in particular delving into the tunnels beneath it. By exploring this labyrinth the Investigators are likely to unexpectedly find themselves Gated to a location in the West of England (Gloucestershite) where the original sorcerer was once run out of town by angry locals. But despite this old purge, the worship of Eihort is still carried on in these parts.


Player Handouts: Newspaper article, a notebook

Locations: Arkham, Gloucestershire in England

Creatures: Brood of Eihort, Eihort

Tomes and Artifacts: Martensen's journal

Campaigns / Scenarios: Suggestions are offered in The Great Old Ones (Supplement) about linking its various scenarios into a very loose campaign.


The scenario includes write-ups for three new spells: "Balk Blood", "Exile Eihort" and "Contact Eihort". It also includes a full write-up for the Great Old One Eihort.

Keeper Comments

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