The Letters of Nestar

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The Letters of Nestar are the title of a fictional collection of scrolls which first appeared in the "This Fire Shall Kill" roleplaying scenario by Andre Bishop


The Letters are a collection of seven handwritten scrolls authored in the sixth century by the Zoarostrian fringe prophet Nestar Mobedan Mobed.The manuscripts are written in the Pahlavi script and contain information,incantations and prayers relating to the Great Old One Cthugha, along with several prophecies and indecipherable formulas. The original copy of the Letters are kept in Bombay by the central Nestarian cult faction thought many reproductions exist amoung the various cult schisms.

Roll Playing Game Stats

The translated scrolls take aproximately 100/INT x3 hours hours to study and comprehend. All who've read them will take a 1d4/1d8 SAN loss and a Mythos Gain: +6%. The scrolls allso contain the spells Invoke / Bind Child of Cthugha (Invoke / Bind Fire Vampire, Contact the Lord of the Lightning (Contact Fthaggua, The Divine Retribution (Death Spell), Enchant Torch, Fire’s Dance, Brew Draught of Phan and Call Forth the Enlightening One (Call Cthugha)

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