The Klarkash-Ton Cycle

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The Klarkash-Ton Cycle


Publisher: Oakland, CA: Chaosium Inc., 2008

Page Count: 224 p.

Author: Clark Ashton Smith; Robert M. Price, editor

Artist: Stephen Gilberts, cover


Clark Ashton Smith's Cthulhu Mythos Fiction.


  • "Introduction to The Klarkash-Ton Cycle", Robert M. Price
  • "The Ghoul"
  • "A Rendering from the Arabic"
  • "The Hunters from Beyond"
  • "The Vaults of Abomi"
  • "The Nameless Offspring"
  • "Ubbo-Sathla"
  • "The Werewolf of Averoigne"
  • "The Eidolon of the Blind"
  • "Vulthoom"
  • "The Treader of the Dust"
  • "The Infernal Star"
  • "Notes on Each Tale", Robert M. Price


Chaosium publication 6046. ISBN-10: 1568821603. ISBN-13: 978-1568821603.

  • "A Rendering from the Arabic" is an early version of "The Return of the Sorcerer"
  • "The Vaults of Abomi" is an early version of "The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis"
  • "The Werewolf of Averoigne" is an early version of "The Beast of Averoigne"
  • "The Eidolon of the Blind" is an early version of "The Dweller in the Gulf"
  • "The Infernal Star" is an earlier version than that which appeared in Strange Shadows