The Dying of St Margaret's (Supplement)

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Front Cover

Publisher: Pelgrane Press

Product Code: PELGT05D

Publishing Year: 2009

Pages: 28

Cover Price: $5.95

Author(s): Graham Walmsley

Artist(s): Jérôme Huguenin

Style(s): Purist Scenario

Format(s): PDF Only

ISBN: (doesn't seem to have one)


A Purist adventure for Trail of Cthulhu

The Dying Of St Margaret's is an exploration of character and madness in the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft.

On the remote Scottish island of St Margaret’s, Investigators take jobs at an all-girls private school. Each is searching for an acquaintance who disappeared from the school. The Investigators’ Drives carry them forward with increasing excitement and anticipation. But what they discover drives them to the edge of insanity.

In this supplement, there is no escape, no comfort, no salvation when faced with the Mythos. You are powerless and insignificant: your only choices are death, insanity or a quiet life with a shattered mind.

Guns will not help you, reason will not protect you, faith will not give you comfort.

Written by the creator of Play Unsafe, it is a very different way to follow the Trail of Cthulhu.

Scenarios: The Dying of St Margaret's (Scenario)

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Back Cover Text

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Comments / Trivia

Includes player handouts.

Playtesters: Åke Nolemo, Magnus Hammarsten, Magnus Jungenstam, Michael Ericsson, Christian Extra, Belinda Kelly, Philippa Borland, David Byrne, Bernadette Foster, Sandra Wilkinson, Tony Wilkinson


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