The Dragon of Wantley (MiskRepo)

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The Dragon of Wantley

Publishing Date: 13 March 2022

Pages: 58

Repository Price: $5.00 (PDF), $10.00 (Print-on-Demand)

Author: SR Sellens

Artist(s): Vitogh, Lydia Baldwin, SR Sellens

Setting: 1920s Yorkshire, England

Format: Miskatonic Repository Release (PDF and Print-on-Demand)


Scenario: The Dragon of Wantley

Additional: Player Handouts, Pre-generated Investigators, Timeline of events, Historical Background, Notes for inclusion in campaigns and conversion to other eras

Repository Blurb

1920s England: No-one who had ever met Flora Jacobs would describe her as scandalous, but when the young socialite mysteriously disappeared on a trip up north with a man she had only recently met, intrigue was sure to follow. What on the surface appears to be an ‘innocent elopement’ will lead the investigators to a quiet Yorkshire village with a big secret to unearth.

Comments / Trivia

Although presented as a stand alone, this scenario was originally written to be slotted into the Day of the Beast campaign.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)

Flora Jacobs has been kidnapped to be used as part of a ritual to awaken the 'Dragon of Wantley', in truth a juvenile dhole bound for centuries beneath the Yorkshire countryside.


Player Handouts: 12 handouts including newspaper articles, a family tree, a postcard, photographs, an oil Painting, letters, and a broadside ballad

Locations: London, Sheffield, Wharncliffe Side

Creatures: The Dragon of Wantley

Tomes and Artifacts: The Writings of Sir Rupert Moore, Blue John Amulet

Keeper Comments

Although set in the 1920s, the scenario can easily be moved to gaslight or modern day with the tweak of a couples of dates. Suggestions on how to do this are provided in the appendix of this scenario.