The Book of Eibon (fiction)

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The Book of Eibon


Publisher: Oakland, CA : Chaosium, Inc., 2002

Page Count: 425 p.

Author(s): Clark Ashton Smith, Lin Carter, and Divers Hands; Robert M. Price, editor

Artist(s): H. E. Fassl, cover; Thomas Brown, Laurence J. Cornford, Jason C. Eckhardt, and Joseph S. Pulver, illustrations


The "Book of Eibon," the creation of Clark Ashton Smith, ranks behind Lovecraft's "Necronomicon" as a shunned repository of mystical horrors surviving blasphemously from elder eons. Not content with his own and Lovecraft's citations of the Book, Smith actually wrote two chapters of it, his famous stories "The Door to Saturn" and "The Coming of the White Worm." [[Lin Carter knew a good thing when he saw it and decided that it would be fun to write and read the remaining Eibonic chapters. He did not live to finish the Book, but others took up the challenge, supplying more of the droll yet frightening episodes, as well as various liturgical and magical arcana the Book of Eibon was said to contain. A Mythos grimoire-- a work of horror, humor, and genuine poetic power.


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Chaosium Publication 6026. ISBN 1-56882-129-8.


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