The Black Seal: Missing In Action

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Publisher: Brichester University Press

Product Code: TBA

Announce Date: March, 2011

Expected Publication Date: ???

Project Status: On Track

Expected Page Count: ???

Author(s): TBA

Artist(s): TBA

Setting(s): Modern, Delta Green

Format(s): PDF Only

ISBN: #########-#


This supplement is a companion to The Black Seal: Cthulhu By Arclight, which describes a Vietnam-war setting for Delta Green roleplaying. Where the core setting "book" will be produced both in print form and electronically in PDF, this expansion will likely only be produced as a PDF.

The contents of this supplement is likely to consist mostly of "overflow" items from the main Arclight book.

Campaigns: TBA

Scenarios: TBA

Articles: TBA

Additional: TBA

Front Cover Text

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Back Cover Text

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Comments / Trivia

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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.

Comment here to Keepers about this book. Comments on specific Scenarios and Campaigns go on their respective pages. Keep DISCUSSION on the talk page.