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[[Category:CoC:Scenarios set in the USA]]
[[Category:CoC:Scenarios set in the USA]]
[[Category:CoC:Rural, remote and backwoods scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:Rural, remote and backwoods scenarios]]
[[Category:CoC:Asylum scenarios]]

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Pages: 19

Author(s): Randy McCall

Artist(s): Yurek Chodak, Tom Sullivan

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: The Asylum and Other Tales, The Cthulhu Casebook



A typical sanatorium which has an excellent record with difficult cases and an impeccable reputation for patient care.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


A cultist, Dr Terence Freygan, runs Greenwood Asylum. He experiments on the inmates with shoggoth tissue.


Player Handouts: Excerpt from the diary of James Fitz-Hugh

Locations: Greenwood

Creatures: Proto-shoggoth, Arwassa the Silent Shouter of the Hill

Tomes and Artifacts: An Inquiry Into the Hermetic Mysteries, With Dissertations on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers, scrying window, Pnakotic Manuscripts

Campaigns / Scenarios:


Keeper Comments