The Arkham Gazette, Issue 01

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Name of Page

Publisher: Sentinel Hill Press

Product Code: SHP-AG-1

Publishing Year: 2013; 2017 revised

Pages: 58 (original); 75 (revised)

Cover Price: $8 (PDF); $13 (POD)

Authors: Aleolex, L.T. Barker, Dean Engelhardt, Chris Huth, Bret Kramer, Evan Van Elkin, Ben Wenham

Maps: Chris Huth, Jef Wilkins

Setting(s): 1920s, Lovecraft Country

Format(s): PDF, POD



Scenario: The Bosworth House

Articles: Locations in Greater Arkham, the Gladding School, Thaumaturgical Prodigies in the New-English Canaan, An Encounter on West Armitage Street, Arkham's Boundary Markers, the Case of the Missing Manhole Covers, Report of Delusions of an Invisible Monster, Arkham's Diners, Arkham Curios, Annotated Bibliography: Arkham Scenarios

Front Cover Text

The Arkham Gazette. Arkham. Issue One.

Back Cover Text

(Original) "Arkham has many old houses, including this fine example of Colonial architecture, the Old Mathewson House, at 297 South Parsonage Street, near the First Baptist Church. Built in 1690, it is one of oldest private homes in Arkham. Purchased by Dr. Christopher Burridge (a descendant of Japheth Mathewson who originally built the home) in 1902, it has been carefully restored to its Colonial glory. Tours are available by appointment with Dr. Burridge through the Arkham Historical Society."

(Revised) An ad for the Unspeakable Oath

Comments / Trivia

To Lynn and for Keith


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