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(This list is of professional produced and publicly sold material.)

The following links below lead to individual Wiki entries for each supplement. (to be filled and updated, obviously!)

The Laundry (RPG) has a growing list of supplements, all published by Cubicle 7.

Released Title Publisher Code Style PDF?
2010 The Laundry Core Rules Cubicle 7 CB71200 R yes
2011 Black Bag Jobs Cubicle 7 CB71202 M yes
2011 Agent's Handbook Cubicle 7 CB71203 R yes
2012 The Mythos Dossiers Cubicle 7 CB71204 O yes
2012 License to Summon Cubicle 7 CB71205 R yes
2013 God Game Black Cubicle 7 CB71207 SM yes
2013 Cultists Under The Bed Cubicle 7 CB71206 S yes
2014 Unconventional Diplomacy Cubicle 7 CB71208 M yes
2015 As Above, So Below Cubicle 7 CB71209 SM yes
2015 Targets of Acquisition Cubicle 7 CB61202 S PDF only

Codes used: R = Rulebook, S = Sourcebook, M = Missions, O = Other


Cut-n-Paste everything in the following block for each Supplement. Remove irrelevant sections.

[[Image:name_of_uploaded_image.jpg|thumb|''Name of Page'']]
[[Image:name_of_additional_optional_image.jpg|thumb|''Name of Image'']]

'''Publisher:''' [[Publisher Name]]

'''Product Code:''' ABC123

'''Publishing Year:''' ####

'''Pages:''' ###

'''Cover Price:''' $##.##

'''Author(s):''' [[Author 1]], [[Author 2]]

'''Artist(s):''' [[Artist 1]], [[Artist 2]]

'''Format(s):''' Hardcover, Softcover

'''ISBN:''' #########-#


'''Campaigns:''' [[Campaign 1]], [[Campaign 2]]

'''Scenarios/Missions:''' [[Scenario 1]], [[Scenario 2]]

'''Articles:''' [[Article 1]], [[Article 2]]

'''Additional:''' Introduction, Player Handouts
==Front Cover Text==
List all the text from the front cover.
==Back Cover Text==
List all the text on the back cover.
==Comments / Trivia==
List dedication, color plates, rarity of the book, etc.

Link to outside reviews
*[Link 1]
*[Link 2]

==Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only==
'''Players should not read any further.'''

Comment here to Keepers about this book.
Comments on specific Scenarios and Campaigns 
go on their respective pages.
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