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Current Status

Ywhateley (talk) 14:32, 20 April 2017 (UTC) I think I started to add forum links like these and some revisions at some point, and my computer rebooted before they were saved, as I don't see them now:

  • (YSDC) - The Big Bad's Motivations
  • (YSDC) - How to Rant Like a Cultist? RP Tips for Keepers
  • (YSDC) - What does the Cult Say? RP Tips for Keepers
  • (YSDC) - How to avoid cultists revealing the plot under interrogation
  • (YSDC) - Thoughts on Cults and Cultists
  • (YSDC) - Cult Writeup Formats & Requirements (prep for an article like this)
  • (YSDC) - Ideas for Cult Activities
  • (YSDC) - 20 Things to Loot from a Dead Cultist
  • (YSDC) - Cultists are People Too
  • (YSDC) - Cults and Propitiatary Worship in the Mythos

Y.Whateley, Feb 26, 2017:

Added: illustration, detailed description, descriptive quotes, some typical "cultist types" based on their dramatic role (extras, bit parts, supporting cast), traits of typical "real life" cultists and cult leaders, notes on how Mythos cults differ from "real life" cults....

Under Construction:

  • need detailed descriptions of pulp cults, cultists, and cult leaders (not started)
  • complete development of "Cult Themes" (mostly developed, requires formatting)
  • cults in Lovecraft (the Cthulhu cult, the letter-writing wizards of the Case of CDW, the Whateley family in Dunwich Horror, ghoul-cults and witch-cults such as in Pickman's Model, the "ghoul" cult in The Hound, the cult in Thing on the Doorstep, the Obed's cult in Shadow Over Innsmouth, the Mi-Go collaborators in Whisperer....) (not started, and perhaps best completed by someone else)

Older Comments

Y.Whateley, Feb 20, 2017:

I'll get around to completing this page eventually. It's meant to at least describe the generic, stereotypical Mythos Cultist in more or less the same tone used for describing the generic, stereotypical Mythos Tentacle Monster.

I've got a sort of generic-cultist/cult-generator outlined somewhere and mostly completed, which I'd started a couple years ago. I might put it to use in this article, as I wrote it based on a loose assumption that generic Human Cultists as they are generally used is a core concept of "Lovecraftian" horror.

My point of view about "cultists" has evolved over the last two years, however, and I regard them now as the product of unreliable narrators more than of actual "devil" cults worshiping the Old Ones as gods. (For all intents and purposes, each Investigator party can be thought of as a "mythos cult"; "Delta Green" and similar organizations are certainly "mythos cults"; the scientist who wanted to try to talk to the Thing from "The Thing from Another World" and any of the other scientists who helped him or supported him are a "mythos cult", the kids from "Village of the Damned" are a "mythos cult", etc....) Not sure whether the clarification and explanation of what that means is best included on this page, but it's another possibility.