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Current Status

Older Comments

Y.Whateley, Feb 20, 2017:

I really ought to run these guys by the forums in a monster-makeover, to fill out more of the Keeper Notes and Heresies: as weird and cool as they could be, Gugs are relatively under-utilized, and could use some suggestive descriptions of Gug culture and cults, reasons for Dreamers to visit them, hooks for Daylands scenarios in Lovecraft Country, and things like that to help inspire more scenarios involving Gugs.... Currently, they don't have the sort of "shtick" that Deep Ones, Ghouls, or even Human Cultists do to help give them some obvious uses in RPGs. They're potentially the sort of thing that stands at a middle ground between these "mooks" of the Mythos, and more powerful and dangerous monsters... something no investigator would want to go toe-to-toe with in a fight, but which could reasonably be individually killed by a prepared team of investigators willing to take some risks - or, more usefully, something which could reasonably be reasoned with. They are, after all, the sort of monster that is capable of feats of architecture, religion, and perhaps art, science, and magic of various kinds, and could reveal some nice atmospheric surprises, as sentient alien creatures with something roughly in common with humans, but still alien and different....