Strange Tales of Dread & Wonder 2

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Front Cover

Product Code: CHA0330

Publishing Year: 2006

Pages: 72

Cover Price: $14.00

Author(s): R.J. Christensen, Kev Dearn, David Haddin

Artist(s): Book contains no art, layout assistance is credited to Edgar A.D. Rodan

Setting(s): 1920s, Modern, (optionally Delta Green)

Format: MULA Monograph



Scenarios: War of the Spectres, The Glendale Fairies, Madness of the Black Opal


Additional: Introduction by Dustin Wright

This monograph is the result of our second Call of Cthulhu Adventure Contest. Three submissions were chosen this time around. WAR OF THE SPECTRES is a modern-day scenario reflecting the events of the day. Likewise, THE GLENDALE FAERIES is set in the modern-day, set in a quiet Cumbrian village. Finally, MADNESS OF THE BLACK OPAL is set in the 1920s and concerns a small Australian city on the southern coast named Adelaide.

We hope your investigators survive these Strange Tales of Dread and Wonder.

Front Cover Text

Divers Encounters From The Second Adventure Contest for Call of Cthulhu.

Comments / Trivia

This book collects the three winners of Chaosium's second Call of Cthulhu Adventure Contest. There is no ranking between the scenarios presented in the book, rather all of them are considered to be "contest winners."


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.

The level of proof-reading and copy-editing for this volume are lower than normal Chaosium monograph publications.

Comments to Keepers about this scenario; Possibly how to run it successfully. Keep general DISCUSSION on the talk page.