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  • ...other was Sarah Susan Phillips Lovecraft, who could trace her ancestors in America back to their arrival in the [[Massachusetts Bay Colony]] in 1630. Unusual be the pinnacle of civilization, with the descendants of the English in America as something of a second-class offshoot, and everyone else below them (see,
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  • * [[Latin America|Latin American Studies]] * [[South Asia|South Asian Studies]]
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  • ...age in the Fordham, [[The Bronx, New York]]. The [[Poe Cottage]] is on the south east corner of the Grand Concourse and Kingsbridge Road and is open to the ...d's depiction of Poe was entrenched in the mind of the public, not only in America but around the world. Griswold's madman image of Poe is still existent in t
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  • ...ds, John]], [[2005-05-22]]. [ One America Podcast]</ref>. (He may be the first major politician to have a podcast; g ...]] and [[Rocketboom]]. On December 03, 2005 [[Sony Computer Entertainment America]] announced that the [[PlayStation Portable]] would support podcasting usin
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  • * [[January 16]] - [[Prohibition]] goes into effect in the [[United States of America|United States]] with the [[Eighteenth Amendment]] coming into effect. *[[December 11]] - [[Olive Schreiner]], South African writer (b. [[1855]])
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  • ...satlantic telegraph cable]]s and triggers a [[tsunami]] that destroys many south coast communities in the [[Burin Peninsula]] area, killing 28. As of [[1997 ...] - US Admiral [[Richard Byrd]] becomes the first person to fly over the [[South Pole]].
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  • *USA = United States of America *ZAF = South Africa (Zuid Afrika)
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  • conspiracy, composed of debased worshipers in America's Deep South, The South Pacific, and other places. Artists, madmen, and other sensitive types may s
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  • decline, they retreat to their cities on the southernmost tip of South America and the Antarctic regions. ("At the Mountains of Madness," Lovecraft; ("Ti ...ingdom. The human civilization of Zobna falls next, moving to Lomar in the south and destroying the native cannibal gnophkehs. The much-devolved Elder Thing
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  • ...ti-Vietnamese ethnic groups in Indochina during the early 70s, via the Air America front company. The [[Call of Cthulhu (d20)]] version of the Call of Cthulh ...]'' imply that there were Tcho-Tcho colonies to be found in north of North America since ancient times, where they were shunned by local tribes as demons or e
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  • ...the serpent men escaped to [[Yoth]], a cavern beneath [[K'n-yan]] in North America (ironically, the Pictish Isles of the Kull stories). They built subterranea ...pent cults have appeared throughout African, pre-Columbian North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia, where some of the more common themes seem to
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  • ...ators from the dusty streets of Arkham ultimately to a small island in the South Pacific called Spider Island. While it is made up of several chapters these is deeply connected with Hitler and the German Government. Arzt fled to America (and eventually to Arkham) a year ago to escape the Nazis; more recently Ra
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  • Your party suffers a plane crash over the jungles of South America, the survivors must endure and overcome the 'green hell' of the rainforest 101 are on their own, trapped in the green hell of the jungles of South America. Was their crash just an unfortunate accident? Are they truly alone in the
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  • to take into account the social and technological setting of mid-1990s America. *** North America
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  • ** South Campus ...ring his voyages along the eastern seaboard and to the Caribbean and South America. His curiosities were to stock a museum; his money funded a college; his bo
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  • ...moving city that encompassed all that was great and all that was rotten in America. Racial, ethnic, and religious melting pots presaged what the whole country ** The South Bay
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  • Two years earlier, Cornthwaite led an expedition into the jungles of South America searching for evidence of a lost civilization. He found what he was seekin
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  • '''Nordamerika:''' (North America) '''Süd- und Mittelamerika:''' (South and Central America )
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  • ...irst phase of the ‘Homeland Reclamation’ project was complete and East America was settled by the loyal colonists of the Polity, it’s use was widened to ...ehind their barricaded villages and hamlets. Savages in the jungles of the south prey on others for their next meal and cults of a degeneracy called ‘reli
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  • ...desert, the Amazon valley, Alaska, and certain little-known islands of the South Pacific...”'' wastes of the Gobi desert, and clamber through the lost cities of South America. Your travels will you take you through the skies and across the oceans, in
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