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  • ==In the Mythos== ...s, and other outlandish landscape, connect through tunnels to subterranean locations on several worlds, most notably the [[Vale of Pnath]].
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  • '''Seven Planes''' (AKA Seven Worlds) ..., referenced in esotericism, mysticism, and spiritualism; hinted at in the mythos of [[Camazotz]]
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  • ...n]], [[Shadow People]]). In extreme cases, elemental hauntings can infest locations or objects, imbuing them with a deadly parody of substance and life. ...have developed rituals of exorcism crafted to drive such spirits away from locations, objects, and/or people.
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  • key locations of operation, important events in the cult's history, ...t of strange, distant, ascended masters of the [[Astral Plane]] or [[Seven Planes|beyond]], for their own inscrutable but seemingly benevolent purposes. The
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  • ...ancient supernatural inventions, long predating (in real life) the Cthulhu Mythos Within the Cthulhu Mythos, the concept of a Ghost, used in the sense of an Intelligent Haunting or As
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  • ==In the Mythos== ...into our world, the boundary between the [[Daylands|Material]] and Astral Planes might be thought of as the closest and thinnest barrier between our world a
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  • '''Mythos Content''' * Mythos Knowledge:
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  • ...n. Summarize the history of the cult: Approximate era of foundation, key locations of operation, important events in the cult's history, approximate era of di ...weeks at a time, dreaming their way into far secret corners of the [[Seven Planes]], their bodies twisted and stretched into ghastly forms. These original M
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  • ===Associated Mythos Elements=== <!-- Any locations, monsters, or other elements that might be reused in Lovecraftian stories..
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