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  • The '''Dreamlands''' is a fictional location in the [[H.P. Lovecraft's Dream-Cycle|Dream Cycle]] of [[H.P. Love The Dreamlands is divided into four continental regions, each named for its cardinal direction.
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  • The Book of Eibon is the title of a fictional book created by [[Clark Ashton Smith]]. ...projection or in a physical pilgrimage into Dream through the subterranean regions of [[Leng]] bordering on [[Dreamlands|Dream]], or perhaps transcribed in th
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  • ...ythos]'', Lin Carter) though Lovecraft indicates that at least some of his fictional towns were located in the real-life Essex County of Massachusetts. (See "[[ North Shore towns of Arkham, Innsmouth, Kingsport, and Dunwich (perhaps fictional equivalents of Ipswitch, Salem/Danvers, Marblehead, or Newburyport).[http:/
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  • The '''Tcho-Tcho''', or '''Tcho-Tcho people''', are a fictional human-like race of cannibals in the [[Cthulhu Mythos]]. ...d monstrous tales of the faeries, and similar colonies found in the Basque regions of Spain and France inspired tales of "black dwarfs", preserved in the oral
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  • * Regions of Britain * Victorian Fictional Characters
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  • Non-Mythos works (generally real-world) are often mentioned side-by-side with fictional Mythos Tomes in work by Lovecraft and others. dryly covers the same territory as the same author's more compelling fictional novel ''House Of Fulfillment'', in which an Englishman in India is so influ
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  • ...ies of giant penguin (''Palaeeudyptes klekowskii'') resembling Lovecraft's fictional monster was recently discovered to have lived in Antarctica 34 million year * might be found on or near colder regions of the Plateau of [[Leng, Plateau of|Leng]]
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  • IMDB]) ([ Watch]) - With [[Frank Buck]]. Set in the fictional land of Seemang in Asia, Buck plays the role of Frank Hardy, a soldier of f ...the corrupting influence of a depraved Cthulhu cult inhabiting the darkest regions of the jungle. (''West of Zanzibar'' and ''Kongo'')
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  • ...ticated Mound Builder culture that occupied the Appalachian and midwestern regions in ancient times before the civilization vanished, and the lands were subse
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