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  • ...// Yog-Sothoth] for material relating to the [[Cthulhu Mythos]] and Lovecraftian games and media. ...n preserve it here. Always wanted to write an entry about your favourite ''Cthulhu'' supplement? – This is the place for it. Help build this Wiki into a res
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  • [[Image:cthulhu.jpg|thumb|Cthulhu in R'lyeh]] ...t]], his protegés, and writers influenced by him. Together, they form the mythos that authors, writing in the Lovecraftian [[wikt:milieu|milieu]], have used
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  • marked with [[graffiti]] quoting his famous phrase from ''[[The Call of Cthulhu (fiction)]]'' (originally from ''The Nameless City''): the mad [[Arab]] [[Abdul Alhazred]]. The resonance and strength of the Mythos concept have led some to believe that Lovecraft had based it on actual myth
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  • for a number of pastiches written by other authors. For the ''Call of Cthulhu'' Role-Playing Game setting, see ''[[H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands]]''. alike with evident contempt). Otherwise, the rest of the deities of the mythos, who figure prominently in Lovecraft's other writings (such as the [[Great
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  • ...hostly Cats", by Michael Minnis (''Apocalypse Rhythm: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales of Michael Minnis, Volume 1'', Lindisfarne Press) *"Gros Vert", by Michael Minnis (''Apocalypse Rhythm: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales of Michael Minnis, Volume 1'', Lindisfarne Press)
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  • is a sunken city deep under the Pacific Ocean where the godlike being [[Cthulhu]] resides. R'lyeh is characterized by an architecture based on non-Euclidea Mythos]] as the origin of the "[[Ponape Scripture]]", a text describing Cthulhu.
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  • ...ded Lovecraft's characters and themes, collectively creating the [[Cthulhu Mythos]].
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  • ...ictional species]] in his contributions to [[H. P. Lovecraft]]'s [[Cthulhu mythos]].]] and [[Zeus]], also received chthonic sacrifices and tithes in certain locations. The deified heroes [[Heracles]] and [[Asclepius]] might be worshipped as g
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  • ...ith either the Chaosium BRP ''Call of Cthulhu'' rules or the d20 ''Call of Cthulhu'' rules produced by Wizards of the Coast under license from Chaosium. Suppl * [[ToC:Supplements|Supplements for Pelgrane Press' ''Trail of Cthulhu'' RPG]]
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  • This book describes New York City as a setting for 1920s ''Call of Cthulhu'' adventuring. ''A Mythos Guide to the City that Never Sleeps''
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  • This article is about the ''Call of Cthulhu'' supplement. For other uses of ''Kingsport'', please see [[Kingsport|Kings ...come to Kingsport to find understanding of the dark realms of the Cthulhu Mythos.
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  • A guide to the Cthulhu Mythos, arranged alphabetically. *Appendix B: Locations of the ''Necronomicon''
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  • [[Image:call_of_cthulhu_rpg_6th_ed_cover.jpg|thumb|''Call of Cthulhu'' 6th edition rulebook cover]] ...the same name]] written by [[H.P. Lovecraft]] and the so-called [[Cthulhu Mythos]] the story inspired. The game, often abbreviated as ''CoC'', is published
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  • ...ference back to mechanics for either ''BRP Cthulhu'', ''d20 Cthulhu'' or ''Cthulhu Live''. Under such a definition, things such as "Tales of Terror" or "scena ...ebook (1st - 6th Editions), [[Free Quick Start]] [ (free download)] (7th Edition) ||Classic||[[Sandy Petersen]]
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  • ...s fire vampires arrive on the Earth as it cools. ("Timeline of the Cthulhu Mythos," Appel) ...a arrives. He settles in the dark gulf of N'kai. ("Timeline of the Cthulhu Mythos," Appel)
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  • ...e differs markedly in presentation from the format adopted by most Call of Cthulhu adventures -- rather than being a self-contained body of text, it is a shor ...ills closed, its citizens without hope or future. However, secrets of the Mythos survive, to be discovered by brave and enterprising investigators.
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  • ...with some mythos knowledge recognize as representations of Tsathoggua and Cthulhu. Blackburn and the investigators will have to face the perils of the Masai '''Locations:''' Nairobi and its outskirts; Maasai Mara.
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  • ...d]], [[The Keeper's List of Lists]], [[Iron]], [[The Mythos Collector]], [[Mythos ex Machina]], [[Deep One Diary]], [[Deep One: Reproduction]] ...igns? Here is essential background and references to help you host Call of Cthulhu games more easily and skillfully.
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  • ...romancy and the [[Call of Cthulhu (RPG)|Call of Cthulhu]] rules book and [[Cthulhu Dark Ages|Dark Ages]] both contain spells that deal directly with this subj -Locations of interest to wizards
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  • ...ttp:// Lovecraft: A Look Behind the Cthulhu Mythos]'', Lin Carter) though Lovecraft indicates that at least some of his fictio ...seaside town, [[Innsmouth]], one would have a list of the most significant locations in Lovecraft Country.
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  • *Appendix B: Locations of the Necronomicon *Appendix D: Timeline of the Mythos
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  • ...r [[Abdul Alhazard]] are mentioned in a number of the stories. Many mythos locations are discussed in the book including the fabled city of [[Irim]] in the Arab ; ''Original Version '' : Sanity Loss 1D6/1D12; Cthulhu Mythos + 10 Percent. Average 24 weeks to study and comprehend/48 hours to skim.
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  •", each with their own description and inhabitants. It is one of the few mythos games that allows users to play non-human species. ...encouraged to run through the tutorial 'school'. Compared to most Cthulhu Mythos-based RPGs, CthulhuMud is fairly combat-oriented.
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  • ==Geographical locations== Clark Ashton Smith connections to the Cthulhu Mythos]]"
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  • ...oules'' in this year, before shutting himself out from the world. (Call of Cthulhu 5th Ed., Petersen and Willis et al) # 1969: [[August Derleth]] publishes ''[[Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (anthology)]]'', including a forward in which Derleth boldly claims to be t
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  • used by various [[Cthulhu Mythos|Mythos]] beings and scholars of the Mythos to refer to an outer planet in the Solar System. It is generally believed t ...ecraft]]'s story "[[The Whisperer in Darkness]]" introduced Yuggoth to the Mythos. Pluto was actually discovered while the story was being written, making it
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  • ...ip of their deities. ("The Hyborian Age," Howard; "Timeline of the Cthulhu Mythos," Appel; "The Children of Yig," Appel; "Dope War of the Black Tong," Price) ...e last serpent people in their Hyborian city of Yanyoga. ("Timeline of the Mythos," Appel; "The Children of Yig," Appel)
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  • <blockquote>[T]he spawn of [[Cthulhu]] ... came down from remote and ultra-telluric Xoth, the dim green double s ...ording to the [[The Xothic Legend Cycle|Xothic legend cycle]], it is where Cthulhu mated with [[Idh-yaa]] to beget [[Ghatanothoa]], [[Ythogtha]], and [[Zoth-O
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  • ==In the Mythos==; rumor and speculation contribute some flexibility and ambiguity to the mythos. -->
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  • ...Blue-litten K'n-yan''') is a fictional, subterranean land in the [[Cthulhu Mythos]]. The underground realm was first described in detail in [[H. P. Lovecraft One'' ([[Hastur]]?). The two most important ones, however, are Tulu ([[Cthulhu]]) and [[Yig]]. The denizens of K'n-yan often place idols of these deities
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  • ...hocus (fiction)]]" (appears in the collection ''[[New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos]]'', 1989) [[Category:Mythos:Locations]]
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  • ...acteristics. In addition to the celestial places created by Lovecraft, the mythos draws from a number of other sources, including the works of [[August Derle ...e two-letter code is used&mdash;the key to the codes is found '''[[Cthulhu Mythos reference codes and bibliography|here]]'''. If a code appears in '''bold'''
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  • '''Appears in:''' [[Cthulhu Masters Tournament]]. ...e two factions of boys on the island being led by creatures of the Cthulhu Mythos. As assumed, the plane carrying the boys has crashed, leaving them stranded
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  • '''Campaigns:''' [[Age of Cthulhu]] bring new secrets and mind-bending horrors to your 1920's Call of Cthulhu game.
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  • '''Appears in:''' [[Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 02]]. ...scenario, making use of the rules for running cinematic Wild West Call of Cthulhu adventures presented in [[The Good, the Bad and the Utterly Insane]].
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  • '''Appears in:''' [[Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 02]]. ...strange artefact which resembles a flute made of porcelein. When played, a Mythos entity called the Singer from Dhol appears bringing great madness.
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  • '''Locations:''' Bhutan. ...n for the characters plus stat blocks for characters, creatures, and a new Mythos god that they are likely to encounter along the way. It is left to the Keep
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  • '''Exham Priory''' is a fictional building of the [[Cthulhu Mythos]] created by [[H.P. Lovecraft]] in his story ''[[The Rats in the Walls]]''. [[Category:Mythos:Locations]]
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  • '''Locations:''' Adelaide and Coober Pedy (presumably the basis for the scenario's "Coop '''Tomes and Artifacts:''' Black Opal, The Pleasures of Madness (new Mythos tome with stats), [[Revelations of Glaaki]], Twenty-one alien diseases, Ble
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  • ...h publication of Chaosium's source material on running classic era Call of Cthulhu adventures in Morocco. This material was later revised and issued as a supplement to the main Call of Cthulhu line: [[Secrets of Morocco]] (released 2008).
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  • ...rlapping games. On the surface this scenario is in the traditional Call of Cthulhu mold, based at a country house in the late 1920s. It can be run as a single Gatsby and the Great Race is a unique Call of Cthulhu scenario, not because of its plot but because of the format of the adventur
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  • An 1890s Scenario for Call of Cthulhu and Cthulhu by Gaslight The scenario presents a series of clues, encounters, and locations that, explored to their fullest, lead Investigators to the identity - and t
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  • '''Setting(s):''' Future ([[Cthulhu Rising (Monograph)|Cthulhu Rising]] setting) This book is a sourcebook for [[Cthulhu Rising (Monograph)|Cthulhu Rising]], a setting presented in a previous MULA Monograph by the same auth
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  • [[Image:Cthulhu By Gaslight (1st Edition).jpg|thumb|''1st Edition'']] [[Image:Cthulhu By Gaslight (2nd Edition).jpg|thumb|''2nd Edition'']]
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  • This article is about the ''Call of Cthulhu'' supplement. For other uses of ''Strange Aeons'', please see [[Strange Aeo ...empts to illustrate the eternal struggle between man and the forces of the mythos. No roaring twenties mobsters or modern day secret agents will be found her
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  • ** A Mythos Timeline ** Mythos & Scenario Seeds
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  • [[Image:Age of Cthulhu Shadows of Leningrad.jpg|thumb|''Front Cover'']] '''Campaigns:''' Different volumes of [[Age of Cthulhu]] are loosely linked, and could be considered a campaign.
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  • [[Image:Age of Cthulhu Horrors from Yuggoth.jpg|thumb|''Front Cover'']] '''Campaigns:''' Different volumes of [[Age of Cthulhu]] are loosely linked, and could be considered a campaign.
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  • A Resection of Time is a short campaign for Call of Cthulhu set in the modern day. It begins in early April, in San Francisco, and ends ...of course, for the Sanboume Institute and Arkham), particularly the Belize locations, are real, although described for dramatic impact.
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  • of handouts. Six of the booklets contain solitaire-play entries for different locations, while the seventh offers notes for adapting the material to group play. ...ible Knowledge''' is a sourcebook for running regular (non-solo) ''Call of Cthulhu'' adventures in the Grimrock Isle area -- one of the scenarios is a non-sol
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