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  • *Appendix B: Locations of the Necronomicon *Appendix D: Timeline of the Mythos
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  • ...r [[Abdul Alhazard]] are mentioned in a number of the stories. Many mythos locations are discussed in the book including the fabled city of [[Irim]] in the Arab ; ''Original Version '' : Sanity Loss 1D6/1D12; Cthulhu Mythos + 10 Percent. Average 24 weeks to study and comprehend/48 hours to skim.
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  •", each with their own description and inhabitants. It is one of the few mythos games that allows users to play non-human species. ...encouraged to run through the tutorial 'school'. Compared to most Cthulhu Mythos-based RPGs, CthulhuMud is fairly combat-oriented.
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  • ==Geographical locations== Clark Ashton Smith connections to the Cthulhu Mythos]]"
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  • ...oules'' in this year, before shutting himself out from the world. (Call of Cthulhu 5th Ed., Petersen and Willis et al) # 1969: [[August Derleth]] publishes ''[[Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (anthology)]]'', including a forward in which Derleth boldly claims to be t
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  • used by various [[Cthulhu Mythos|Mythos]] beings and scholars of the Mythos to refer to an outer planet in the Solar System. It is generally believed t ...ecraft]]'s story "[[The Whisperer in Darkness]]" introduced Yuggoth to the Mythos. Pluto was actually discovered while the story was being written, making it
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  • ...ip of their deities. ("The Hyborian Age," Howard; "Timeline of the Cthulhu Mythos," Appel; "The Children of Yig," Appel; "Dope War of the Black Tong," Price) ...e last serpent people in their Hyborian city of Yanyoga. ("Timeline of the Mythos," Appel; "The Children of Yig," Appel)
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  • <blockquote>[T]he spawn of [[Cthulhu]] ... came down from remote and ultra-telluric Xoth, the dim green double s ...ording to the [[The Xothic Legend Cycle|Xothic legend cycle]], it is where Cthulhu mated with [[Idh-yaa]] to beget [[Ghatanothoa]], [[Ythogtha]], and [[Zoth-O
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  • ==In the Mythos==; rumor and speculation contribute some flexibility and ambiguity to the mythos. -->
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  • ...Blue-litten K'n-yan''') is a fictional, subterranean land in the [[Cthulhu Mythos]]. The underground realm was first described in detail in [[H. P. Lovecraft One'' ([[Hastur]]?). The two most important ones, however, are Tulu ([[Cthulhu]]) and [[Yig]]. The denizens of K'n-yan often place idols of these deities
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  • ...hocus (fiction)]]" (appears in the collection ''[[New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos]]'', 1989) [[Category:Mythos:Locations]]
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  • ...acteristics. In addition to the celestial places created by Lovecraft, the mythos draws from a number of other sources, including the works of [[August Derle ...e two-letter code is used&mdash;the key to the codes is found '''[[Cthulhu Mythos reference codes and bibliography|here]]'''. If a code appears in '''bold'''
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  • '''Appears in:''' [[Cthulhu Masters Tournament]]. ...e two factions of boys on the island being led by creatures of the Cthulhu Mythos. As assumed, the plane carrying the boys has crashed, leaving them stranded
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  • '''Campaigns:''' [[Age of Cthulhu]] bring new secrets and mind-bending horrors to your 1920's Call of Cthulhu game.
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  • '''Appears in:''' [[Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 02]]. ...scenario, making use of the rules for running cinematic Wild West Call of Cthulhu adventures presented in [[The Good, the Bad and the Utterly Insane]].
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  • '''Appears in:''' [[Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 02]]. ...strange artefact which resembles a flute made of porcelein. When played, a Mythos entity called the Singer from Dhol appears bringing great madness.
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  • '''Locations:''' Bhutan. ...n for the characters plus stat blocks for characters, creatures, and a new Mythos god that they are likely to encounter along the way. It is left to the Keep
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  • '''Exham Priory''' is a fictional building of the [[Cthulhu Mythos]] created by [[H.P. Lovecraft]] in his story ''[[The Rats in the Walls]]''. [[Category:Mythos:Locations]]
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  • '''Locations:''' Adelaide and Coober Pedy (presumably the basis for the scenario's "Coop '''Tomes and Artifacts:''' Black Opal, The Pleasures of Madness (new Mythos tome with stats), [[Revelations of Glaaki]], Twenty-one alien diseases, Ble
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  • ...h publication of Chaosium's source material on running classic era Call of Cthulhu adventures in Morocco. This material was later revised and issued as a supplement to the main Call of Cthulhu line: [[Secrets of Morocco]] (released 2008).
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