Ross's Corners

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Ross's Corners (alternate spellings: Ross' Corners)

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— Author, "Story"

--> 1880s - 1920s: Ross's Corners is a small, rural hamlet a few miles west of Arkham, home to fewer than 40 residents, mostly farmers. The town consists mainly of a number of family farms, a church, and the Ross's Corners General Store, which also serves as the Post Office and gas station under the proprietorship of "Ma" Peters and a large and simple but well-meaning boy named Chumley, who operates the gas pumps for Ma Peters and provide other basic service for cars, such as washing windows. A bus running daily between Arkham and Worcester stops at the General store, and a truck from a nearby dairy picks up milk from a depot attached to the general store on weekdays. The rural, Yankee townsfolk are generally reticent and stand-offish with strangers, and were especially so in the spring of 1882 when a group of strangers moved into a local farmhouse they claimed to be using as a "hunting lodge" until one of them got killed and another went stark shrieking mad, and again in the summer of 1928 when another group of strangers showed up in the same farmhouse, followed by a couple mysterious disappearances and other strange events. That farmhouse had long had a reputation for being "haunted", a reputation which grew especially evil after the events of 1882, followed by occasional disappearances associated with the woods and fields surrounding the house, sightings of ghostly apparitions, visits from the Ross's Corners monster (a local variation on Sasquatch), and reports of strange lights in the skies and other bad omens, before that reputation escalated into local legend after the inexplicable events of 1928 as one of the county's most haunted places, with a number of peculiar investigations being launched into the Legend of Redgrave Hill Farmhouse in the decades since.

1990s - Present: Ross's Corners is still a small, rural area a few miles west of Arkham, where it serves as a sort of "bedroom community" for young and generally single people working in the city. A small amount of land was developed in the middle of Ross's Corners for a small apartment complex, a convenience store/gas station, a new brick church building, a small police station, a volunteer fire department, and a few modern homes, and some restored old turn-of-the-century farmhouses. Several attempts have been made to renovate the infamous "haunted" Redgrave Hill Farmhouse, but it has remained largely uninhabited for over a hundred years. Most recently, it was the subject of an infamous televised investigation by the Massachusetts Paranormal Investigation Group ("P.I.G.") in cooperation with Carnacki Institute on their long-running Ghost Finders: International television program.

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