Robbie Corbett

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Robbie Corbett has a career background in retailing ... and artificial intelligence. He has never had anything published, although he hopes one day to make public his own work through some backstreet vanity publishing service; and thus will the arduous task of choosing Birthday and Christmas gifts for friends be resolved for years to come.

An avid roleplayer since the late 70s, he has been known to stray from the Truth Path, however Call of Cthulhu has remained a constant in his life for the last 20 years plus, both as a player and Keeper.

When not living in cyberspace, Robbie enjoys spending time with friends, participating in multi-player computer games, wargamming, or watching his expanding collection of DVDs (mostly sci-fi, horror and 20th century war). He also enjoys writing, reading, listening to music and other armchair pursuits. He spends more time than is healthy watching Buffy and does not own a cat.