River Oukranos

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River Oukranos, Oukranos, The Singing River

Origin: H.P. Lovecraft, Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath (fiction)

In the Mythos

All that afternoon the pilgrim wandered on through perfumed meadows and in the lee of gentle riverward hills bearing peaceful thatched cottages and the shrines of amiable gods carven from jasper or chrysoberyl. Sometimes he walked close to the bank of Oukranos and whistled to the sprightly and iridescent fish of that crystal stream, and at other times he paused amidst the whispering rushes and gazed at the great dark wood on the farther side, whose trees came down clear to the water's edge. In former dreams he had seen quaint lumbering Buopoths come shyly out of that wood to drink, but now he could not glimpse any. Once in a while he paused to watch a Carnivorous Fish catch a fishing bird, which it lured to the water by shewing its tempting scales in the sun, and grasped by the beak with its enormous mouth as the winged hunter sought to dart down upon it.
H.P. Lovecraft, Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath (fiction)

A gentle and peaceful river that winds its way down yellow banks and green hills from the mountains through several lands of Dream, through the Jungles of Kled, before emptying into the Cerenerian Sea in the Land of Ooth-Nargai. A journey down the river is remarkable for its relative peace and safety, for the hum of bees and the gentle song of exotic birds, and the scent of the many flowers that grow upon the river's banks and in the hills above it; among the strange wildlife that might be found are carnivorous bird-eating fish, and the shy and rare Buopoths that lumber out of the forests to drink from the river's waters - it is unlucky to describe the Buopoth, but it is said that those who see one are destined for strange fortune. The River Oukranos is sacred, and shares its name with the River God Oukranos, to whom a curious temple carved from jasper and forbidden to visitors is dedicated in the idyllic temple-city of Kiran; travelers may pay their respects to Oukranos for safe passage at a shrine found at the temple's gates, and to bathe in the sacred river or to pollute its waters or banks is considered and affront to Oukranos, and forbidden by the King of Ilek-Vad. Downstream of Kiran, the river passes the golden-spired alabaster city of Thran, before passing through the haunted and perfumed Jungles of Kled, until it meets Oooth-Nargai by the sea.

Heresies and Controversies

Keeper Notes

Associated Mythos Elements

  • location: Kiran, a curious pinnacled and terraced temple-city of carved red jasper
  • location: Thran, alabaster city of gilded spires
  • location: the forboding and haunted Jungles of Kled
  • location: the mysterious Cerenerian Sea
  • location: the trading city of Hlanith by the Sea
  • location: the land of Ooth-Nargai on the Cerenerian Sea
  • location: Celaphais, capital city of Ooth-Nargai
  • location: Ilek-Vad, a distant city on the twilight sea whose King holds the river sacred, and makes regular pilgrimage to pay the river his respects
  • creature: the shy, lumbering, and fabled Buopoths said to emerge sometimes from hiding to drink from the river; few living men have seen one, and none may describe it