Riding the Northbound

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Front Cover

Publisher: Golden Goblin Press

Product Code: 1909

Publishing Year: 2019

Pages: 36

Cover Price: $25.00 (Softcover), $15.00 (PDF)

Author(s): Oscar Rios

Artist(s): Reuben Dodd, Gregory Shipp (maps)

Setting: 1920s

Format: Softcover, PDF



Riding the Northbound - A Hobo Odyssey

A group of hoboes, tramps, and bums go on an epic journey from the hobo jungle (camp) outside of Boston, Massachusetts to the small town of Harmony Corners, just north of Albany, New York. A tramp named Bottlecap Bob has invited everyone he ever rode the rails with (which is pretty much every hobo, tramp, and bum you can thing of) to his new home to celebrate his recent marriage to a wealthy and exotic widow. Riding the rails is never easy, and doing so during a cold and snowy November makes it even more dangerous. However, the rewards seem with the risk. Unfortunately, the trip to Harmony Corners proves to be the easy part, as the hoboes soon face untold horrors from beyond our reality.

Golden Goblin Press is proud to present Riding the Northbound, a suspense filled 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Jazz Age scenario set across Massachusetts and New York by Oscar Rios. It also includes seven pre-generated investigators (four hobos, two tramps, and two bums), and a chapter filled with everything you need to know to bring your hobo-themed campaign to life


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