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Paul Maclean is an archaeologist by training, so has always known his career was in ruins from the start. Introduced to Call of Cthulhu at a far too impressionable an age, he sometimes wonders how much the game was to blame for choice of livelihood, luckily no tentacles encountered so far...

Previously somewhat itinerant, Paul has worked for the University Museum - University of Pennsylvania, Dept. Scientific Research at the British Museum, Dept. Archaeological Sciences - University of Bradford, The Council for British Archaeology, worked on underground Mayan Ruins in Copan and done research at a few nuclear reactors on the way. This may sound more exciting that it is (though the Mayan stuff was pretty amazing).

He lives in sunny Bradford, West Yorkshire, in a high house on a hill with his lovely wife Helen, and they own a couple of cats, one of which has to live with the name 'Cathulhu'.

A former member of the Bradford University Role-Playing Society, Paul has also recorded several Game Audio Recordings the latest being Masks of Nyarlathotep Game Audio Recording along with Yog Radio a monthly Cephalopodcast from