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Paul Dunbar Lang is an American professor who lived in the 1960s and disappeared on a flight to Washington in 1969 with Colonel Urquart the author of The Mysteries of Mu. He is a creation of Colin Wilson and features in his story The Return of the Lloigor.

In the 1960s Professor Lang came to hear about the Voynich Manuscript. He picked up where W. Romaine Newbold's work on translating the piece ended. By hiring a color photographer he was able to reproduce the originally faded lettering and translate what turned out to be an introduction to a translation of the Necronomicon. Being intrigued by the work he followed mentions of Aklo in Arthur Machen and Lovecraft's work to Wales.

There he met Colonel Urquart and discovered his theory of the lloigor. According to Urquart, and later backed up by Lang, the lloigor were invisible entities responsible for most of Earth's supernatural events, as well as general violence and cruelty in certain parts of the world. To "warn" the world of the threat the lloigor posed on humanity Prof. Lang hosted a conference at 83 Gower Street in London. However his theories, and that of Urquart were discounted. Later he was tabled with other cranks obsessed with UFOs and the like.

The pair moved to the United States to escape their general ridicule by other scholars and continued their warnings.

In 1969 Paul Lang was contacted by Senator Pinckney to invite them to Washington to meet with the Secretary for Defense. Had they been able to convince him they would have talked to the President. However while taking a flight on a private Cessna 311 to Washington Prof. Lang, Colonel Urquart and the pilot Captain Harvey Nichols disappeared along with the plane. No wreckage was ever discovered.

His account of his time in Wales and his theories were published along with his collection of newspaper articles "proving" his theory were published by his nephew Julian F. Lang in 1969. In his ending note Julian Lang theorizes that either Prof. Lang had been duped by Urquart, or had made it a personal joke.

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