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Oscar Rios is a Call of Cthulhu author and serves as the editor and president of Golden Goblin Press. He was formerly a staff writer and associate editor at Miskatonic River Press.



"The Nature of Faith"- Cthulhu's Dark Cults, 2009


Ripples from Carcosa, 2005

The Ravenar Sagas, 2008

The Legacy of Arius Lurco, 2011


"Borne into Darkness", Tales of Death and Darkness, 2005

"The Devil is in the Details", Tales of Death and Darkness, 2005

"Halloween in Dunwich", Halloween Horror, 2005

"Keys of Madness - Key West", Tales of Death and Darkness, 2005

"Keys of Madness - Caya Locura", Tales of Death and Darkness, 2005

"Opening Act", Strange Songs, 2005

"Halloween Candy"- Halloween Horror 2, (2006)

"Ring of Toadstools"- Halloween Horror 2, (2006)

"Christmas in Kingsport", Christmas in Kingsport, 2006

"Masks of Halloween", Halloween Horror Returns, 2007

"Longa Obscuritas", Bride of Halloween Horror, 2008

"Spirit of Industry", New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley, 2008

"Malice Everlasting", New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley, 2008

"Halloween Nuit", Plan 09 from Halloween, 2009

"Sunset at Sandy Gulch", Worlds of Cthulhu #6, 2009

"Blood and Glory" from The Gods Hate Me, 2011

"Lemuralia" from Dead Leaves Fall, 2011

"The Return of Old Reliable" from Atomic-Age Cthulhu, 2013


The Paramour of Y'golonac from The Unspeakable Oath #19


Malum Umbra, 2008

Extrico Tabula, 2008


Mystery on Mona, Yog-Sothoth.com


Bio at the MRP website.

Comments / Trivia

Works at a crematory.

His namesake appears (tragically) in Our Ladies of Sorrow.