New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley

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Front Cover

Publisher: Miskatonic River Press

Product Code: 0003

Publishing Year: 2008

Pages: 136

Cover Price: $29.95

Author(s): Keither Herber, Kevin A. Ross, Tom Lynch, Christopher Smith Adair, Oscar Rios

Artist(s): Santiago Caruso, Jason C. Eckhardt, Tom Lynch (maps)

Setting(s): 1920s

Format(s): Softcover and PDF


Return to Lovecraft Country with this collection of six all-new adventures set in the Miskatonic Valley region. Investigators will visit favorite haunts such as Arkham, Kingsport, and Dunwich, as well as less familiar destinations like Foxfield.

Scenarios: The Reeling Midnight (Arkham), Wasted Youth (Arkham), Spirit of Industry (Dunwich), Proof of Life (Foxfield), Malice Everlasting (Kingsport), The Night War (Kingsport)

Additional: Preface (by Keith Herber), Player Handouts

Front Cover Text

No additional text.

Back Cover Text

for Call of Cthulhu licensed by Chaosium, Inc.

New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley

Six all-new scenarios set in the fictional New England of H.P. Lovecraft. Written by veterans Keith Herber and Kevin Ross, and new Call of Cthulhu voices Christopher Smith Adair, Tom Lynch, and Oscar Rios. Cover art by Santiago Caruso and interior illustrations by Jason C. Eckhardt.

In Arkham, Tom Lynch's "The Reeling Midnight" introduces players to Arkham's truly decadent party scene.

Christopher Smith Adair's "Wasted Youth" explores the roots of juvenile delinquency, culminating in a wild chase through the wilderness.

"Spirit of Industry" takes players back to the village of Dunwich, where Oscar Rios explores old murders and an ancient mystery.

Foxfield is the setting for Keith Herber's "Proof of Life," a tale of extortion and madness in a brand new Lovecraft Country town.

Oscar Rios is back for seconds, this time exploring Kingsport and old grudged with "Malice Everlasting."

Kevin Ross, author of Kingsport, City in the Mists, revisits his creation when a veteran of the Great War is suddenly haunted by deadly nightmares.

Comments / Trivia

Dedication (by Keith Herber): For Lynn Willis, long the backbone of Call of Cthulhu and a mentor I never expected. Thanks for all the lessons, I try to pass them on as best I can.

Playtesters were: Dave Sokolowski, Tony Neff (as Bertie), Jaime Chamberlain (as Silas and Buffy), Bruce Stephenson (as Flora), Mike Peck (as Randolph), Mark Irons (as Nells).


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