Neil Young

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Neil Young, Yog Radio Host and Masks Audio player

Neil is the third member of the Yog Radio team and is often fond of saying that Paul Maclean has been roleplaying longer than he has been alive. He lives in the wonderful place that is Bradford with 3 other members of the Infamous BURPS and their pet cat Squeekie. His favourite era in which to fight the mythos is the 1990s especially using Pagan Publishing's Delta Green setting. His favourite mythos beasties are Hastur, Shub-Niggurath and of course the Big N. (Nyarlathotep)

As well as Yog Radio Neil is also one of the intrepid adventurers taking part in the Masks of Nyarlathotep Game Audio Recording unfortunately he has a disturbing tendency to die every 4th session and he and the other players have come to the conclusion that he should never be the one with the gun if the shot determies the fate of the world. He is also yet another member of the illustrious Bradford University Role-Playing Society and even has parents who understand what roleplaying is.