Mysterious Manuscripts

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Pages: 4-11

Author(s): Thomas Stratman, Kevin A. Ross, Scott David Aniolowski, Brian Bevel

Artist(s): Jeff Barber

Appears in: The Unspeakable Oath Issues 03, 04, 05


A column describing Mythos books for use in Call of Cthulhu:

  • Celaeno Telalibro
  • Celaeno Clothbook
  • Ghoul's Manuscript
  • A selection of period occult texts:
    • History of The Ridiculous Extravagancies
    • Histoire Critique
    • Discourse on Witchcraft
    • Autobiographical Tracts of Dr. John Dee
    • Der Aberglaube Des Mittelalters
    • Witchcraft, Magic And Alchemy
    • Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions
    • Phantasms of Living
    • Gypsy Sorcery And Fortune Telling
    • Occult Sciences: A Compendium
    • Cock Lane and Common Sense
    • Why We Oppose The Occult
    • Occult Philosophy or Magic
    • Egyptian Magic
    • Aradia: Or The Gospel Of Witches
    • Modern Spiritualism
    • Advanced Courses in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism
    • Occult Science In India
    • Book of The Dead
    • Star of The West
    • Mesmerism and Christian Science
    • The Voices
    • Three Books Of Occult Philosophy
    • Occult Arts: An Examination
    • The Magic Jewels And Charms
    • Great Book Of Magical Art
    • Spirit Intercourse
    • Course of Advanced Lessons
    • Spiritualism: Its History, Phenomena, And Doctrine
    • Lists of Manuscripts Owned
    • Some New Evidence for Human Survival
    • Atlantis and Lemuria
    • Supernormal Faculties In Man
    • Problem of Atlantis
    • Atlantis in America
    • History of Atlantis
    • Way to Power: Studies in the Occult
    • New Model of the Universe
    • Invisible Influence
    • Attitude of Voltaire to Magic and the Sciences
    • Outline of Modern Occultism
    • Fifth Dimension and the Future of Mankind