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'''Publisher:''' [[Chaosium]]
'''Publisher:''' [[Chaosium]]
'''Product Code:''' ABC123
'''Product Code:''' 5101
'''Publishing Year:''' 1987
'''Publishing Year:''' 1987

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Front Cover
Back Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 5101

Publishing Year: 1987

Pages: Multiple components

Cover Price: $9.95

Author(s): Sandy Petersen, Lynn Willis

Artist(s): Gahan Wilson, Carolyn Schultz, Ron Leming, Yurek Chodak, Lisa A. Free

Setting(s): 1980s

Format(s): Monograph, Hardcover, Softcover


Bumper Sticker

A collection of humorous accessories from Miskatonic University, including a course catalog, presentation dilemma, student body card, restricted stacks library pass, parking sticker, school map, bumper sticker, and notepaper.

  • Course Catalogue (School of Medieval Metaphysics Class Catalog, Fall 1986 - Spring 1987),
  • Presentation Diploma (BA),
  • Diploma frame,
  • Student Body Card,
  • Restricted Stacks library pass,
  • Parking Sticker,
  • School Map,
  • Bumper Sticker,
  • Pickman Hall notepaper,
  • 'Hi, my name is...' badge,
  • cafeteria card,
  • back window sticker,
  • alumni association card,
  • button blank for 'Cthulhu is Coming!' button.

Front Cover Text

CTHULHU is coming!

Artifacts from the World's Scariest University.

Your Diploma Included

Back Cover Text

Commencement At the Spookiest School In the World...

"Some graduation!" you grumble to yourself as you dodge the green tentacles with practiced ease. But what did you expect? You enrolled in mysterious Miskatonic University, an institution created by the internationally-famous horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft. As proof, you clutch a diploma and a bundle of souvenirs.

In his stories, Lovecraft imagined a handful of scholars and invectigators burdened with knowledge of other dimensions and perilous entities, which the rest of the world could not comprehend. Bizarre evidence, ancient writing, and obscure coincidence gave weight to the threat of catastrophe. Only those few recognized the doom that threatened the world.

Since Lovecraft wrote, Miskatonic U. has survived, thrived, and grown famous. Tales are still written about it; films are set there. You can enroll today. Enrollment takes only a few seconds, and you can graduate as soon as you put your name on the enclosed diploma. Join the community.

What You Get

Course Catalog from Miskatonic's School of Medieval Metaphysics, explaining enrollment and graduation procedures and individually describing more than 160 classes within the school.
Presentation Diploma awarding you in Latin a Bachelor of Arts degree in Medieval Metaphysics from Miskatonic University. School colors on nice paper. Type in your name, and frame the nifty results.
Student Body Card with space for your picture as well as your name and other information.
Restricted Stacks library pass.
Parking Sticker for Omega lot, preserve of the School of Medieval Metaphysics.
School Map place mat souvenir shows Lower and Upper Campuses.
Bumper Sticker for the university, complete with a Fighting Cephalapod, the university mascot. (Go 'Pods!)
Notepaper from Pickman Hall, handy for short messages or complex formulae.
BUT WAIT, THERE's MORE: a "Hi, my name is..." badge for the School's annual Conventicle, a cafeteria card for Herbert West Memorial Cafeteria, a back window sticker for Miskatonic University (with school motto), an alumni association card, etc.

  • Authentically Detailed
  • Colorful, High Quality
  • Faithful to Lovecraft
  • Personalizable


Comments / Trivia

Winner of the 1987 Origins Award for Best Graphic Presentation.


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