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Melon Heads, Melon-Heads, Melonheads, Wobbleheads, "Mongoloids", "Faceless People"

Origin: American Folklore


In the American folklore of Ohio, Michigan and Connecticut, Melon Heads are frightening beings encountered on remote,rural roads, and generally described as small humanoids with bulbous heads who occasionally emerge from hiding places to attack people.

One local variation of the story describes the children as being "faceless" in addition to their bulbous heads: no eyes, nose, or ears, but just a grotesque and lipless mouth, and thin bony hands grasping blindly about as if trying to find their way; these "faceless people" are said to hide by day in the basement, attic, or loft of a remote shack, barn, farmhouse, or other creepy building in the woods, from which the children emerge by night for fresh air, guided by a mysterious caretaker.

Different variations of the legend attribute different origins to the entities, but generally describe them as grotesquely deformed children: victims of abuse, neglect, and bizarre experiments, who escaped from their prison (typically a local orphanage, mental hospital, doctor's mansion, private zoo, sideshow, and the like) after killing their tormentors, and now hide out in the local woods, caverns, haunted houses, ghost towns, ruined factories or hospitals, or other such abandoned places.

Some versions of the story attribute the grotesque "melon-headed" appearance of these beings to birth defects (such as hydrocephalus), to in-breeding among escaped mental patients, to malnutrition from cannibalism, and/or to ghastly unethical medical experiments by a cruel doctor (Dr. Crow, or variations like Krow, Kroh, Crowe, etc.) Other versions of the story hold that the Melon Heads are the descendants of isolated backwoods people, the product of malnutrition, ignorance, contaminated food and water, and inbreeding.

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