Mansions of Madness (Supplement)

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1st Edition
2nd Edition

Publisher: Chaosium

First Edition Product Code: 2327

First Edition Publishing Year: 1990

First Edition Pages: 128

First Edition Cover Price: $17.95

First Edition Author(s): Fred Behrendt, Michael DeWolfe, Keith Herber, Wesley Martin, Mark Morrison

First Edition Artist(s): Lee Gibbons, Janet Aulisio, Sam Inabinet, Carol Triplett-Smith (maps), Martha J. McNulty (Lovecraft portrait)

Second Edition Product Code: 2327

Second Edition Publishing Year: 2007

Second Edition Pages: 160

Second Edition Cover Price: $21.95

Second Edition Author(s): as per first edition plus Penelope Love, Liam Routt

Second Edition Artist(s): Lee Gibbons, David Lee Ingersoll, Janet Aulisio, Sam Inabinet

Setting(s): 1920s

Format(s): Softcover


Scenarios: The first edition consists of the scenarios Mr. Corbitt, The Plantation, Crack'd and Crook'd Manse, The Sanitorium, Mansion of Madness (Scenario); the second edition adds one further scenario, The Old Damned House

Additional: Player Handouts

Front Cover Text

Five Frightening Adventures in Dark and Deserted Places

Back Cover Text

Mansions of MADNESS

Five Frightening Adventures in Dark and Deserted Places

"'Tis a grove-circled dwelling
Set close to a hill,
Where the branches are telling
Strange legends of ill;
Over timbers so old
That they breathe of the dead,
Crawl the vines, green and cold;
By strange nourishment fed...."
--H.P. Lovecraft

Where the Sane Fear to Tread

In dim forgotten recesses of the world lurk mind-twisting horrors. Through the use of human agents these horrors work to thwart mankind's destiny.

However, not all of these human agents are willing partners. Many times have the monsters resorted to subtlety and intrigue to further their ends, rather than gross displays of sheer destruction.

Andrew Keetling is one such unwilling agent. A successful Boston businessman, he has disappeared -- held captive in a mansion of madness.

MANSIONS OF MADNESS is a new collection of five independent tales set in the 1920s. Of varying length and complexity, these adventures can be planted into an ongoing campaign as the keeper sees fit. Some can be played in a single night; others will require several nights to complete. They can readily be used as plot twists, interesting diversions or red herrings.

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