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Welcome to the YSDC CthulhuWiki

The YSDC CthulhuWiki is a resource developed and maintained by members of Yog-Sothoth for material relating to the Cthulhu Mythos and Lovecraftian games and media.

Wikis thrive off user contributions. Something in the YSDC forums needs writing up? Then preserve it here. Always wanted to write an entry about your favourite Cthulhu supplement? – This is the place for it. Help build the CthulhuWiki into a resource for all Lovecraft and Cthulhu fans.

In order to edit the Wiki, please get in touch. (Log into YSDC first.)

If you use the CthulhuWiki, please support it. Thank you!

Shortcut / Summary Tables

There is a wealth of information in the CthulhuWiki, covering a range of different categories of information (see below). For some types of information, overview summary tables have been created to allow users to conveniently sort and search information in that category. These "indexes" are good places to start browsing for information.

Summaries exist for:


The other way to start browsing CthulhuWiki content is by using the page categories. The links below are the most commonly-used categories; try clicking on them to find a topic. Make sure to use the Style Guides if you wish to edit.

Master Category: All Subcategories of this topic are categories themselves; this is where all uppermost-level (primary) categories (some listed below; others below are subcategories) should branch. See each category for instructions on how to add a page to a category.

Cthulhu Mythos: Subcategories of this topic detail various aspects of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Keeper Advice: Advice for Keepers of Call of Cthulhu (RPG).

Games: Subcategories of this topic detail various games based on the Cthulhu Mythos.

Call of Cthulhu (RPG): Subcategories of this topic detail various games based on Call of Cthulhu (RPG).

Call of Cthulhu (RPG) Unreleased Supplements: Subcategories of this topic detail various unreleased supplements for Call of Cthulhu (RPG).

Call of Cthulhu (RPG) Privately Published Material: Books or PDFs published for free or without license.

Trail of Cthulhu (RPG): Subcategories of this topic detail various games based on Trail of Cthulhu (RPG).

Trail of Cthulhu (RPG) Unreleased Supplements: Subcategories of this topic detail various unreleased supplements for Trail of Cthulhu (RPG).

CthulhuTech (RPG): Subcategories of this topic detail various games based on CthulhuTech (RPG).

Miscellaneous RPG Supplements: Subcategories of this topic detail various miscellaneous RPG supplements.

Magazine issues: Subcategories of this topic detail various magazines.

Literature: Selection of real-world Books and Magazines related to the Cthulhu Mythos.

Media: Subcategories of this topic detail appearances of the Cthulhu Mythos in various forms of media (Television, Movies, Games, Literature, etc.).

Writers: Category of all Writers.

Artists: Category of all Artists.

Historic: "Real World" concepts, personae, and locations, tainted by the Cthulhu Mythos.

Eras: Category for timelines; combine both Mythos and Non-Mythos events using special formatting. See 1923 or 1920s as examples.

User List: Pages regarding the users and contributors of this wiki.


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Posting Guides

Click here if you already know how to use a wiki to view our requested guidelines for usage.

Tasks for Everyone!

These are the major TODOs. You can help by completing them yourself!

In Need of Reorganisation

The following pages need to be broken down into component pages and categorized properly.

Propose Additional Style Guides

See the Style Guides pages. Go to Template Ideas and post what you think is essential information for each Writer, Artist, Book, Magazine (a list of adventures, dates), Game, Adventure/Scenario (a reference to each book/magazine it shows up in), etc.

Handle Trivial / Confusing Pages; Help With Cleanup

See the list of Category:Confusing Pages for more details about confusing pages. If you come across any pages of this description then please categorize them like this so others can have a go at organizing them.

Some pages have been categorized for "cleanup" - at this time, these are mostly just blank "stubs" waiting for some detail to flesh them out. Many such pages are for monsters - you can help improve the wiki by adding some detail to such pages such as descriptions, quotes, "keeper notes" (for suggested ways to use the monster or other element in a game or fan fiction), and organizing the pages by applying a style guide where appropriate. (A tip for the monster pages: posting a "Monster Make-Over" discussion about the monster in the YSDC forums is typically a great way to "crowd-source" information, ideas, and suggestions for monsters!) The list of pages for cleanup can be found here: Category:Wiki_Cleanup

Consider Sub-Categorization of CoC:Supplements?

See Category:CoC:Supplements and determine if we need a category for Sourcebooks, Rules, Scenario Compilations, Campaign Books, Monographs, or not. Discuss here.

Be Wise, Categorize!

There are very few uncategorized pages left. Click here to see all uncategorized pages.