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Magazines (Gaming and Otherwise) involving the Cthulhu Mythos

Adventure Gaming 
An RPG magazine published by Manzakk Publishing, published an early Call of Cthulhu scenario, 1981-1982
An RPG magazine published by Mersey Leisure Publishing, included fiction by Brian Lumley, 1986-1987
Adventures Unlimited 
A RPG magazine that focused on publishing scenarios by Bootstrap Press, 1995-1996.
The Arkham Gazette 
A magazine focused on the Lovecraft Country setting (Call of Cthulhu), 2013-.
The Black Seal 
A magazine of modern horror (Call of Cthulhu), 2002-2004?.
Bayt al Azif 
A magazine dedicated to Cthulhu Mythos gaming, 2018-
The Book of Dark Wisdom 
First two issues contain Call of Cthulhu, became a horror fiction magazine from issue 3 on. (2003)
An RPG Magazine, published by Game Designer Workshop, 1986 - 1996
A gaming magazine, published by ILM International, 1993-1994
A fanzine for the Call of Cthulhu RPG and later Lovecraftian fiction, 1983-1990.
Different Worlds 
An RPG magazine, for a time published by Chaosium, 1979-1988.
The Last Province 
An RPG magazine by Last Province Publishing, 1992-1993
Steve Jackson Games in-house RPG magazine, 1993-present in various forms.
An RPG magazine by Alderac Entertainment, 1990-1998
Skeleton Crew 
A magazine focused on horror literature published by Argus Speciality, which also covered horror gaming, 1988-1991
The Unspeakable Oath 
Primarily a Call of Cthulhu magazine, mostly modern era, but includes other eras and game systems, 1990-2001; 2010-.
Virtual Lore 
Short lived RPG magazine published by The CaBil focusing on horror gaming, specifically the White Wolf system, but included other horror systems, 1994-1995
A general RPG magazine covering a wide range of systems and settings by Vortext Publishing, 1991-1993
Weird Tales 
A pulp fiction magazine, 1923-1954.
The Whisperer 
A call of Cthulhu fanzine, 1999-2003.
White Dwarf 
A former RPG magazine published by Games Workshop, support of non-Warhammer related content ceased with Issue 99, 1977-.
White Wolf 
An RPG magazine published by White Wolf Publishing, was renamed Inphobia from issue 50, 1986-1995
Worlds of Cthulhu 
An English-language version of Cthuloide Welten, 2004-2009.


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