Lost Souls

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Lost Souls is a MUD (free online text-based RPG) with a number of Cthulhu Mythos elements.

  • Various Lovecraftian elder gods can appear in the game (with their class of being generally referred to as "lloigor"), including Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth, Hastur, Cthugha, Abhoth, and Shub-Niggurath.
  • One of the higher-level quests is to travel to R'lyeh and slay Cthulhu (who of course reforms shortly thereafter).
  • Lower-order creatures such as Dark Young, Hunting Horrors (called draenathim, singular draenath), Dimensional Shamblers (called gphodrukthim, singular gphodrukth), Star-Spawn (called gogtzul), Deep Ones (including Dagon and Hydra), and byakhee also make appearances.
  • Shoggothim appear in a rather detailed implementation, including dozens of types of specialized organs they are capable of growing.
  • The Erisian Liberation Front guild is known for invoking various lloigor.
  • There was once a guild called the Paladins of Nyarlathotep or the Void Paladins, though they seem to have gone missing.