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* "[http://www.hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/sot.aspx The Shadow Out of Time]" (1936)
* "[http://www.hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/sot.aspx The Shadow Out of Time]" (1936)
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[[Category:Mythos:Prehistoric civilizations]]
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Lomar was a human civilization in the arctic. It was destroyed by invading tribes 26,000 years ago, and the land was later buried under a glacial ice sheet.

The people of Lomar dwelt in a land further north named Zobna, until they were driven out by spreading ice sheets, and they expected one day to have to depart Lomar for the same reason. They brought copies of The Pnakotic Fragments with them from Zobna, though no known copies of their translation are recorded. The date of the fall of Zobna is not recorded, but Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee, while his mind was inhabiting a Yithian body, conversed with the captive mind of a king of Lomar who reigned one hundred thousand years before the fall of Lomarian civilization.

The capital of Lomar was the city of Olathoe, which lay on the plateau of Sarkia between the peaks Noton and Kadiphonek. One account of Olathoe describes it as a city of marble, with marble pillars in the streets carved at the top to represent grave bearded men.

Lomar was destroyed by the Inutos, distant ancestors of the Inuit, who invaded from the west.


While the location of Lomar is not given in the sources, the only place in the arctic region that has significant mountains and a present-day ice sheet is Greenland. During the time when Lomar flourished, the Wisconsin glaciation had not yet reached its fullest extent, and it is possible that southern Greenland was still unglaciated at that time. Investigators who hope to find the buried remains of Lomarian civilization might be well advised to look there.


The following stories by H.P. Lovecraft include references to Lomar: