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Cut-n-Paste the following for each Tome/Artifact. Remove irrelevant sections.

(Name of location - land, city, country, dimension, etc., 
with any alternate spellings or other names, followed by 
the earliest known story/scenario the Location appears in, 
indicate whether the provided origin is uncertain:)
'''Name1''' (AKA Name2)


<!--gap for TOC-->

==Description, Geography, History, Landmarks==
(Quote from original source describing location, followed 
by an encyclopaedia-style description; the following line 
is code for including an optional image:)

<br>— Author, "Story"


==Heresies and Controversies==
(Optional.  This is a good place to include non-canon and 
controversial aspects of the Location's mythos.  Suggested 
Alternative Theories include:  Derleth's elemental scheme; 
pseudo-science interpretation; "fanon" interpretations; 
unofficial humorous or eccentric takes on the mythos like 
Lovecraft's family tree; identification with "Real Life" 
mythological, religious, folklore, natural, and historical 
phenomena; fan theories; mythos make-overs; such rumor and 
speculation contribute some flexibility and ambiguity to 
the mythos. )
* Alternative_theory.  ([[source]])

==Keeper Notes==
(Optional. Suggestions for using this deity in the 
CoC RPG, and in fan-fiction.) 

==Associated Mythos Elements==
(Mythos elements relating to the location, including tomes
referencing or about the location or written in the location,
alien or monstrous "races" living there, Great Old Ones and
cults making a home there, etc.)
* tome: ''[[Tome1]]''
* race: [[Race1]]
* cult: [[organization]]

(list of fiction, stories, movies, RPG scenarios, etc. which
refer to or are set in the location:)
* fiction:  ''[[BookTitle (fiction)]]'' or "[[StoryTitle (fiction)]]"
* Call of Cthulhu Scenario: "[[Scenario1]]"
* Film: ''[[Film1]]''