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*[[Londres – Quartier chinois]] [London – Chinatown]
*[[Londres – Quartier chinois]] [London – Chinatown]
*[[San Francisco – Chinatown]]
*[[San Francisco – Chinatown]]
*[[L'ombre dans la faille]] [The Shadow of the Fault]
*[[L'ombre dans la faille]] [The shadow of the pit]
*[[Paris – Faculté de médecine]] [Paris - Medical school]
*[[Paris – Faculté de médecine]] [Paris - Medical school]

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Artist(s): Loïc Muzy

Setting(s): 1930s (main campaign)

Appears in: Les 5 supplices

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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

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 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The investigators must foil the plans of the Manchu sorcerer Sayk Fong Lee, who wants to obtain the Supreme Tattoo. This design, when tattooed on someone's body with the blood of a dark creature, gives the bearer the ability to ride the Messenger of Torments and stop the Five Agonies ritual, which permits a glimpse into the future. The investigators first encounter Sayk Fong Lee in Paris in 1931. They chase him to China, only to arrive just before the Japanese invasion of Manchuria. Lee uses the chaos to strike, hoping to seize the imperial throne and link the Divine Right of Kings to the arcane energies of his sorcery. His schemes bring him from Dairen, Manchuria, to the frontiers of Mongolia, where the investigators must face down his armies while navigating the Opium Dream and the Empire of Shadows.


Preliminary scenarios

Main campaign

Aventures dans l'Empire des Ombres [Adventures in the Empire of Shadows]

Keeper Comments