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Justin Geoffrey is a fictional character created by Robert E. Howard and appears in several of his short stories.

Justin Geoffrey is a poet of some note for his weird poems and experience with the Cthulhu mythos. Much of Justin Geoffrey's life is left in mystery, most of the records of his life are incomplete or ended early.


Justin Geoffrey's comes from an old English family that settled in New York in 1690 to restore their fortunes. All of the family, save the poet Justin, are industrious merchants. Of Justin's three brothers and three sisters all are successful business people. His brother John lives in Cincinnati and works as a banker. Eustace is a junior partner in a lawyer firm and William, the youngest was at Harvard and on his way to become a bond salesman. His sisters are successfully married, a teacher, or graduating from Vassar in New York.

Justin Geoffrey and his poetic talent were considered unusual by his family and he was discouraged by his parents.

Poetic Talent

His talent for poetry began manifesting when he was only ten after an experience at a mysterious house in the small Old Dutchtown village in New York State. His parents were visiting friends in town and Justin went fishing with some other boys when he got lost. He was later found sleeping in a grove of oak trees next to a large abandoned house. The house itself later became a subject for New York painter Humphrey Skuyler.

After his night at the house Justin Geoffrey began suffering feverish nightmares, many of which influenced his poetry. These visions and nightmares continued until his death in a madhouse much later.

Mythos Interest

Besides his dark and often horrifying poems Justin Geoffrey also exhibited interest in the darker areas of knowledge of the world. It is probable that he had read von Junzt's Unaussprechlichen Kulten which mentions several of the same themes he wrote about in his poetry.

It is also recorded that Justin Geoffrey visited the Black Stone in Hungary ten years before his death in an asylum. He wrote one of his more famous works The People of the Monolith about the Black Stone. It has been a conjecture of many more wild thinkers that Justin Geoffrey's ultimate madness and death in the asylum was due to a night he spent at the base of the Black Stone.

His life was of some interest to occult investigators John Conrad and John Kirowan.


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